Neoxian City News Paper Highlights (7/21/2019)

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First Neoxian City News Paper Highlights


What is Neoxian City Newspaper? and what is the purpose of this Newspaper?

Neoxian City Newspaper is specially designed to create quality value in the community. The main goal and purpose of this newspaper are to establish a high-end strong relationship and to support well-deserving high-quality content creators. is one of the best and major tribe on the steem blockchain. The neoxiancity community will try to address and exhibit the quality standard of quality content creators.


In order to achieve desired results, We have strong curation team behind this newspaper that will bring out the best content creator. So in this regard, we have 6 curators who will select 2 quality posts (Monday-Saturday). Every curator has its own day. So the content creators who are putting their effort we support over 2 posts daily and 12 quality posts weekly.

We totally understand that usually, it's a lot of hard work, blood, sweat and tears to get noticed among all other posts. But no worries now your hard will get noticed and more acknowledgement along with rewards.


When our curators will be done with their daily 2 posts we will add those posts in our #City-Curation channel. All the selected posts will receive upvote from our #neoxiancity account and along with our community members account. We believe in transparency and high quality.

One important fact is worth mentioning here that we will only select and curate high quality original contents articles. Neoxian frowns on plagiarism so there is no place for the plagiarist. So if you are a poet, video creator whatever you are creating try to focus on originality. Be creative and unleash your creativity instead of copying.


Our best picks of the week will be featured on our weekly newspaper highlights.

Best picks of the week

English is not your first language? Bilingual?? Multilingual???

Cover Image

Hello Wonderful People! It's just a few days I started vlogging. Still not comfortable in front of the camera and have to rehearse to speak fluently in front of the camera. Yeah, coz English is not my First language. I'm Bilingual or you may call me Multilingual. If you are also in the same position

Is Cape Town Fast Becoming The Worlds Most Dangerous City

Cover Image

So I just sat down to watch the Afcon semi final right after doing my lock up rounds, which include making sure all the doors and windows are locked. That the outside gate is locked, the gate on the doors are locked, the pad locks on the doors are locked and that the outside lights and alarm is swit

Guide to Boxing | Basic Stances & Footwork

Cover Image

Greetings to All, I bet, you all are having a great day. I'm not posting about sports since a while because I'm inexperienced in a sports sphere so I feel rigid to be the part of this astounding community as a genuine enthusiast. From then on, I decided to publish at least one article about sports.

Why Libra Just Isn't A Cryptocurreny

Cover Image

I ran into an image today that shows a side by side comparison between bitcoin and Libra. It made me think that peoples perception of Libra as a "cryptocurreny" is totally messed up. So here it is this image was created from CryptoPotato This image here does great justice I believe to help people un

Gratitude challenge! i am grateful to everything about steem

Cover Image

A journey of a thousand miles start by getting a good shoe, my steemit journey from the beginning to now is a memory i will cherish forever and also tell my unborn kids as it is an unforgettable one

Hope, under the water - Tell A Story To Me

Cover Image

Source Through the thick glass window her face was covered with tears, remembering how she played with her mother when she was a child feeling the sun in her skin and how her father cared for her with such affection since her mother died; but now she only saw water, fish, waste, abuse, injustice, lo

It comes the Rain

Cover Image

Initial color version of the shot made few days ago and the sotry behind... That could be typical Baltic summer for a certain days period yearly. And so that was last two weeks a colder weather and frequent rainy periods. Shot yesterday near the Ferry terminal in Klaipeda, Lithuania. This place

Steemonomics: Earn low, Play high

Cover Image

Some people have the Steem investment process upside down as they disappear when prices are low, and reappear when they are on the rise. While this strategy works for those who are remembered from some bygone era and their auto-voters, most people are likely not going to benefit much, at least in St

It's my birthday and huge poetry round-up!

Cover Image

Hello everyone! Tomorrow July 21st is my birthday! Yay I'm so excited. My mum, my partner and I are going to the Fringe Festival in my city and I'm going to go to a comedy magician show. Then I'm having lunch with my oldest friend (omg of.... 17 years?! wow...) and other cute and fun things. I know

What Does Investing Mean To You?

Cover Image

I have been doing investment since I was a little girl as my dad is a business man. I was barely into high school when one day my dad asked all his children to put in $250 for an investment where each of his children can have 5% shares. I had no idea what it meant at that time. Since I had no use of

Disneyland and Upper Deck Collectible Cards From 1991, Have You Ever Seen These Before ??

Cover Image

I Was Going Through Some Boxes of Old Baseball Cards I Have and I Found These Little Jewels.......... In 1991 in Anaheim, California There Was National Sports Card Convention and It Was Quite an Affair, Baseball Card Collecting Was Going Crazy back Then 28 Years Ago......... Here Was The Lineup For

Switchblade: World's First Sports Flying Car

Cover Image

The Switchblade is a quantum leap in personal transportation, effectively transforming the concept of mobility with a truly useful flying car. In this video Sam Bousfie


From July 15, 2019, to July 21, 2019 Author's those who get rewarded from our #Neoxiancity and the community accounts are as follows.

@chekohler, @vida-blanca, @bitcoinflood, @burlarj, @rem-steem, @tarazkp, @ikrahch, @axeman @stokjockey, @monajam, @justatouchfey, @rosatravels


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Thank you so much for curating and featuring my post I really appreciate it

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I will try my best to create quality content so I can get reward from @neoxiancity

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I am just asking, is the a chance to add a new Category as Highlights with your tribe? So people can easily touch those posts then! Congratz to people who got a chance to be Neoxian highlights category! This might be a rare chance and your valuable posts earned it!


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I mean bro, like Trending, Hot, Promoted, is there a way to add Highlights tab! So easy to reach them!


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The steem-engine websites don't provide that feature yet.

21.07.2019 18:29

Good to be part of the city. Trying my best to create the best possible content. At least I can say is original. Regards boss.

21.07.2019 16:45

Wow great job, I love it.

21.07.2019 18:00

I am very lucky and happy to be part of Neoxian City. the reason is because of neoxian. city has good quality, and has a very large and fast-developing community.
I will continue to try to display the best posts. I hope I become one of the lucky people.

21.07.2019 19:33

I Love the Excitement that @neoxiancity Brings to the Block Chain........

Thank you for all that you do..........

22.07.2019 04:27

yeah i love teh way @neoxian is presenting this as a digital newspaper, old world charm, etc
just staked 310 more neoxianag

now i have 1000+g)

24.07.2019 04:54

Alright my new goal in life is to make it onto this curation blog. I have a two step plan that I'm currently trapped on step two.
Step one: Write a article
Step two: Make it not shitty.

22.07.2019 06:02

The city is doing great in every horizon great to see lot of interesting posts great work :)

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Glad to see @ikrach and @monajam names in the list ;)

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Great post sir

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wow very nice, i hope one day my post will be featured on this newspaper . Keep up the good work.

23.07.2019 22:19

this is an amazing incentive, i love to create so, this is a new motivation for me, now that there's always chance of getting noticed by our original art, in my case, most of it Original music. (:

23.07.2019 23:17

I'd like to thank NEOXIAN city to curate quality posts, it's a lot of hard work to create those posts and it's a great motivator for quality authors to keep working on great contents.

24.07.2019 06:00

How much is NEOXAG worth to STEEM or USD? 🤔 Clearly I've only just read abt it now. 😅

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This post is manually curated by @azizbd and received an upvote from @SchoolForSDG4 School For SDG4
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27.07.2019 09:49

Thank you @neoxian, I didn't even realize I got picked here in the curation. TBH, I came in here tonight cuz I saw that I needed to claim 400+ Neoxag coins. Thank you. i will be looking in your site soon.

27.07.2019 18:20

Can I buy silver with neoxian silver tokens

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