City of Neoxian: Miner issues

Hello all,

I'll try to keep this post quick. Yea...designing your own currency is hard, and I didn't give enough thought to the mining aspect in the beginning. Mining is very important! Especially when half the reward pool goes to it. If I could go back in time, I would definitely do things very differently, but that's probably a subject for another post, instead I need to move forward and improve the situation in this fledgling currency.

The short story is that there will be some more miner drops, which I will outline below. It's not ideal, but I feel it's reasonable and fair, and will create a currency that I can possibly live with. If you purchased miners, especially for an expensive price with certain expectations and are now disappointed, please note that I am offering a refund for your miners, please see below for details.

"Unconditional Drop" - happens in a few days after this announcement post

Account Miners
neoxian 13
zaku 1.9
xawi 2
thereikiforest 1.4
aamirijaz (to 'calprut') 1
r2cornell 1
aggroed 1
camiloferrua 0.2
rehan12 0.2
joedukeg 0.2
burlarj 0.2
ifeoluwa88 0.2
bala41288 1
news-today 1
reazuliqbal 1
total 25.3

"Conditional Drop" - Evaluated after three months

Account Miners
neoxian 1
zaku 2
bala41288 1
news-today 1
reazuliqbal 1
total 6
  • Conditions:
  • Neoxian: leadership of the tribe, tribe forum maintainence, adding tribe features, etc
  • Zaku: leadership, promotion, second-in-command
  • Bala: development of the neox-bot and the new games
  • News-today: promotion of tribe, curation, giveaways, game dev
  • Reazuliqbal: development of wallet and games

Next Drop would be 10 miners in 6 months (or 3 months after the conditional drop)

10 miners dropped each 6 months, conditional upon work in the tribe.

Time Miners Count
now 117
in a few days 142
3 months 148
6 months 158
1 year 168
1.5 years 178
2 years 188
2.5 years 198
3 years 208


Also note, I've pulled my sell orders. For now I do not wish to sell miners to the public, or if I do it will probably be at a more expensive price then where it left off. I did take a snapshot of the prices, it won't be cheaper then those in any case.

I've decided not to auction the miner nor give one away for the Mega-giveaway, they are too precious for that.

Refund policy

If you have purchased miners from me and are unhappy with this news, I will offer you a full refund at the price you purchased them for.

  • You must have purchased the miner directly from me (either on the market or off). No second/third hand refunds.
  • You must return the miner to me before a refund can be given. If it is staked, it will take 40 days to unstake, a quarter each 10 days.
  • You must provide me with screenshot and/or blockchain proof of your price(s).
  • Refund offer good until 2019-08-22
  • My discord is neoxian#3936


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19.07.2019 19:21

Are these drops going to increase the sale price of miners moving forward? ie, 10 new miners are dropped in 6 months, does the price go up 100 Steem?

19.07.2019 20:11

Only one thing determines the price, and that's the free market. All else being equal, creating more of something tends to lower the price... I don't want to make price predictions. I'm going to guess though, that very little of these miners will hit the market, also there is the fact that I have stopped selling them, which should help the price.

Note that I have a buy order at 600 steem.

19.07.2019 20:14

Ok, misunderstood part of the post. Thought you removing the miners from the market was just temporary while the distribution happens. If your intent is just to release 10 miners every six months and distribute/sell them at market price that changes the picture of things.

19.07.2019 20:22

Damnit dude, should of picked some up.

Posted using Partiko iOS

19.07.2019 21:56

I am really loving all the Support the @neoxian is Giving to the community !
Thank You

20.07.2019 00:19

Hey SJ I am tryna find an intro post for the NEOXAG Token, so far no luck LOL

17.08.2019 22:49

Excellent! Neoxian City!

20.07.2019 00:19

Well just going to have to pick up some more silver

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20.07.2019 00:23

Can't remember if I grabbed any to be honest. Been a wild ride with all the tribes lately..

Posted using Partiko Android

20.07.2019 02:44

Lol bro, who wish to sell those miners then?


20.07.2019 05:08

hey, sorry for not commenting on what you are writing here, but I'm learning about tokens and I want to know, what kind of content can be created with #neoxian ?

21.07.2019 21:40

It is a general topic forum.

21.07.2019 22:34

Made an order but my price was too low to buy. Should have gone with my instinct.

22.07.2019 01:02

@neoxian, Unfortunate to know about the issues with the Miners. Hope that this issue will be resolved and in my opinion Refund aspect will boost the Integrity aspect. Keep up.

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23.07.2019 17:53