Show Me A Shadow Round 102 Entry

Show Me A Shadow Round 102, the #shadowphoto contest, run by @melinda010100.

No sunshine these days and I am back to my old or not so old photos to search what to submit.

The day on the beach with the swans and the seagulls gave me an opportunity to shoot many photos of birds with shadows. It took no time to choose the photo for this week and it is another one with the seagull.


I found this seagull funny while spreading the wings and yelling at the other birds. Very close a little child was chasing them.



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Comments 7

Awesome looking Seagull and a great shadow photo you are getting to good at 🤣

20.01.2020 09:02

It was such a nice day and it would be a crime not to make many photos with shadows.

20.01.2020 14:47

That is the idea it's always great to have back-ups 👍

21.01.2020 10:29

Fabulous! I always love it when you combine two of my favorite things! Thanks for entering!

20.01.2020 16:05

Thanks Melinda for your kind words. 😀

20.01.2020 21:02

Great Job @nelinoeva!!
We hope you'll keep writing similar posts in the future as well!

Team SBioP

21.01.2020 15:46

Thank you kindly.

22.01.2020 14:41