My Entry for Shadow Contest-Round 101-Pointy Shadows

shadowphoto contest by @melinda010100

This week we are challenged by @shasta to show pointy shadows. Instead of searching for new shadow, I found this one from the summer.


The leaves of the palm trees form kind of pointy shadow. Palm trees now are kept in greenhouse until spring time when they will be brought back in the open and put everywhere in the town.


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Street name created by @otage

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14.01.2020 05:14

Perfectly pointy! Thanks for entering . What a lot of work to move those palms indoors every winter.

14.01.2020 05:31

Thanks Melinda 😀
Yes, it is a hard work as the palm trees are so many. But once they are out I know the winter is over.

14.01.2020 05:37

You have been 🙏 curated by @njord

14.01.2020 07:08