Splash - The eco-friendly way to kill germs and keep your phone shiny


The eco-friendly way to kill germs and keep your phone shiny


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Splash is an extraordinary and environmentally-friendly germs killer. It is safe and natural and never contains any toxic material. It has ability to make your environment healthy by killing germs of your phone and hands. It makes your phone shiny and safe for you.


Splash can be used to sterilize hands when water isn't available especially while traveling or commuting. What's important, Splash is designed to replace paper napkins saving trees and to reduce the usage of toxic cleaning chemicals and plastic-made sanitizing wipes.





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19.07.2019 04:24

Wow! never thought there could actually be a device like this. I agree with the fact that the phone can be prone to several germs with knowingly or unknowingly get stuck on our phone. This is a great way to remove them away.
Nice Hunt.

19.07.2019 07:32

Wao what a great and amazing hunt. I think everyone need this germ killer. Safety is our first pority don't compromise on your health. Life is nothing without health. This germ kikler helps you to clear your cell phone very easily. Many gems in your cell phone they damage your health badly because you can your cell phone on roads and others areas. This is very useful product. Thanks for sharing.

19.07.2019 07:37

Pretty cool and useful product to get rid of unwanted and unseen germs from phone screen. Phone screen are prone to harmful germs when one is traveling to different and distant locations and this device is a good detergent to keep germs away.
Appreciated @needu.

19.07.2019 12:13

I used to clean my phone using wipes to stay shine and clean to use. But still not enough of what I wanted. This could be useful for me tho. :joy:

19.07.2019 15:01


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