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NeedleWorkMonday FAQs

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+%0A%3Cbr%3E%0A%0A### %3Ccenter%3EAttention New Members%3C/center%3E%0A%3Cbr%3E%0A%0AUpon joining the #NeedleWorkMonday community we require you at least share one post that includes process photos of your original work in order to be eligible for a resteem and/or feature in our showcase. This validates and proves the work you are sharing in the community is yours. All of our veteran members have already validated their work. We ask that you at least share two photos of your work process but encourage you share more.
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-Helping to host

Our members have worked hard to put out original quality posts for others to enjoy. They spend time here engaging, commenting, voting and encouraging one another. We want to make sure the needleworkers we are supporting are indeed submitting their own original work if stated. You are likely to gain more support and more engagement on your posts once you have validated your work.


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