2 SplinterLands Champion Level Free2Play Accounts

At long last, free2play accounts are a reality.

@tcpolymath has done a yeoman's work and created the @herons-unlimited bot that will automatically (ottermatically?) manage delegated account payments. This will allow the creation of more and more f2p as time isn't spent in account management.

Check out the introductory post here: https://steempeak.com/splinterlands/@herons-unlimited/herons-unlimited-basics

If you are interested as a player or as an owner, come to the discord here: https://discord.gg/hXpQsHC

Now it is possible to come in as a new player and start hitting high levels of competition without having to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars first.

Like I've been saying all along, the goal here is to democratize SplinterLands. The more people we can bring in to the game, the better off we all will be in every way. Competitions will be better. Deck values will rise. People trying to game the leaderboard will be unable to forfeit against themselves. DEC sinks will go through the roof. And more players = more fun!

If you are a large account owner, I invite you to consider creating your own f2p accounts to help bring in more players.

For these 2 accounts listed here, they are Champion level accounts. You should be able to get to at least Champion III if you are an active player.

The splits will be 60 (me)/40 (player). All rewards cards will be sent to the ottermaker service to be converted to 101% of their DEC value. DEC will be automatically split and sent to my account and your account. So you need your own STEEM blockchain account to receive the DEC.

Let's hit next season hard!

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So those two accounts have been taken, at least for the moment.
But fear not, noble warrior! More accounts are coming. Now that automation is installed, I'm going to be rolling out many different accounts at many silver, gold, and champion levels as quickly as possible.

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Holy crap this is brilliant. Great job out of you and @tcpolymath. This is a no-brainer to grow the game which needs to happen. People already involved love it, the game just needs more exposure and this way is an unreal experiment that should work amazingly well for everyone involved.

16.07.2019 01:54

Even if DEC goes to zero (it won't), the more players we have the better card prices will be. And that's better for all of us.

16.07.2019 02:01

Excellent! I will spread the word :)

16.07.2019 01:59


16.07.2019 02:01

Nicely explained!
This is great! From his UI example it seemed like the rewards cards were burned and the DEC earned. Cuz if so that's awesome and fair. But i guess if that's his way of extracting some value by getting the difference between DEC value and market value then that's understandable and should be mentioned.

16.07.2019 03:19

I'm pretty sure most of the cards get burned, and only the ones with margin between the market value and the DEC value are kept. tc will probably end up with a lot of Lord A's.

16.07.2019 03:20

And they'll get rented out on Peak and everyone will be happy.

16.07.2019 03:29

What? I don't get right of first refusal on a sale? Sad

16.07.2019 03:31

If you want it on something, let me know. Not Arianthus, though, I'm hoarding those.

16.07.2019 03:37

Remember when those things were under a dollar? I was like... why are these so cheap? They're dang good cards! haha

16.07.2019 03:29

Yeah, I bought a bunch! lol

16.07.2019 03:30

But let's not kid ourselves it's not just the Lord A that has value... the very LOWEST cards are worth this compared to DEC

That means every single legendary is at least 20% greater than the DEC value.
So don't tell users and renters "you may miss out"... this is a cost of the system not a "by the way" be up front about it not sneaky.

It's still a great proposition.

16.07.2019 03:37

I don't understand your table here at all lol.

Yes, losing the market value margin is a cost of the system. But I don't think it's a large one. When you work out the probabilities of drops, the average rewards card overall has an expected value of 93 DEC. So yes, if you look at legendaries then the difference is largest, but that's the absolute minority of drops.

16.07.2019 03:43

Mostly just look at the box with the red box. That's the percentage above DEC value that the LOWEST of that rarity represents.

Haha you don't have a table like this? I feel like many others have a table like this because the lowest of each rarity is pretty consistently hovering a few percent above those costs... so a few people out there know exactly what's going on. haha

And now that more players than burners have come in the market value has sored way above the DEC value for some rarities and many specific cards though usually a few of the least interesting cards hover a few percent above.

16.07.2019 04:02

Eh, I don't sell anything so I don't watch much in the way of sales prices :)

16.07.2019 04:04

Actually if you look at the bids on peakmonsters they're usually pretty spot on with what the DEC value represents. Sometimes some accounts go a percentage or two above or below. Sometimes I don't even have to make the table because the bid value already tells me. But how often are they updating is the question.

16.07.2019 04:05

You have to add 5% to all of those for the market fee.

Also you're using lowest sell for cards and highest buy for DEC price which skews the numbers. Use bid or ask prices both ways.

16.07.2019 04:54

That's very true if you're in your position you use the 369 number instead of the 361 (presently)
And you consider the 5% market fee AND the time and effort. There is certainly value in what you're doing ... just be up front.

16.07.2019 05:02

It's explicitly in both of my posts.

16.07.2019 05:10


16.07.2019 05:37

Ottermaker doesn't automatically burn cards that are sent to it. Some of them are burned, some resold, some moved into my rental collection. (This is why I typically have a ton of Wood Nymphs rented, for instance.)

16.07.2019 03:33

I am still at a beginner level so I can't create but I am focusing on my account to get bigger.

16.07.2019 03:49

Excellent work. I applied for an account in discord.

16.07.2019 04:53