What you need to know about the good and the bad side of quitting social media.

I’m a 31 year old that’s been off social media for 2 years. I was addicted to social media like anyone my age and I was on all social media platforms with thousands and thousands of followers in total. A lot of people talk about quitting social media but only about one percent actually do it .


The bad side of quitting social media

  1. You loose access to unlimited amounts of people at any time (through dm , mentions or other types of private messaging)
  2. You quickly fall behind the current trends and lingo
    Don’t worry you’ll quickly learn how frivolous and silly they are
  3. You loose access to all those funny memes
  4. If you used social media as a news source you have to find your news else where
  5. You miss out on validation from strangers
  6. No more likes , no more retweets
    You loose your online voice
  7. you won’t be able to reach large amounts of people at any time
    Some people are turned off by your lack of internet presence.
    Some people think I’m lying when I state that I don’t have social media. Others just look at me like I’m some sort of alien or weirdo. Most people don’t know how to react. They are on it so much that they can’t fathom someone who isn’t on it.
  8. You won’t be able to “shoot your shot” at random people.
  9. You will have to actually approach people and build meaningful relationships. And do you really want to tell your kids you met your significant other on Instagram or on tinder?
    The good side of quitting social media
  10. You are forced to get a hobby with all the free time you will have on your hands.
    For me it was reading and working out. I’ve read numerous books that expanded my knowledge and vocabulary. As for working out I’ve gained 20 lbs of muscle and my six pack shows without flexing. I’ve also currently started a local cleaning service a couple of weeks ago.
  11. Your days become longer and more meaningful
    the days are gone where you would be on your phone for hours on end wasting time
  12. You stop comparing yourself to others
  13. When on social media you see people that you might think are better than you, or live a better life but that’s far from it, because even those people that you perceive as better compare themselves to others and feel inferior . It’s a cycle of comparison!
  14. You have a tremendous self esteem boost
  15. You stop comparing yourself physically to hundreds of people every day ( sorry if I repeated this but this is the biggest pro imo)
  16. You become more desirable to your girlfriend/ boyfriend
    They crave your physical attention more because they can’t just go on your social media pages and look at your pictures all day. It gives you a mysterious persona which a lot of people are drawn to.
  17. You start thinking on your own
    You loose the group think mentally and you don’t agree with things just because others see it as acceptable. You start questioning things , notions and ideologies.
    A lot of people use social media to dictate the type of music they listen to, the shows they watch, the things they wear etc.
    You friends are actually friends
    When quitting social media you quickly realize that most “friends” over the internet are anything but. The amount of followers you have are nothing but meaningless numbers.
    When I quit social media i realized who my real friends are those who stayed in touch despite having an internet presence. Those I talk to on a daily bases and those who truly enjoy spending time with me
    You stop staring at your screen so much
    When I deleted all my social media I realized that there is actually nothing to do on my phone anymore. My phone usually stays in my pocket or somewhere away from me. All I use my phone for is to text, call and online shop. I also use it as a knowledge tool a lot of people don’t realize that you can learn about anything you want on the internet. There is no reason for anyone to be ignorant about certain topics nowadays
    You look more confident without a phone constantly in your face
    In public you are 100% aware of your surroundings
    You become different in a good way
    especially through your speech and dressing. You wear things you like you don’t worry about useless trends. When it comes to speech you refrain from using childish lingo.
    Old friends and acquaintances are happier to see you in public
    since they’re not watching your every move on social media , familiar faces are genuinely happy to see you in public.
    You social skills increase
    You attention span increases
    I could keep going with the pros but you get the point. When it comes to the pros the biggest one is the fact that you focus on yourself.

You have one life to live stop looking at others, stop worrying about what the next person is doing. Worry about yourself, max out all aspects of your life you owe it to you to become the very best version of yourself before you die!

All that time you spend looking at your phone worry about others is time that you will never get back. I know it feels like your time here on earth is unlimited but in here to remind you that time here is very short.


I’m not telling anyone that social media is bad it’s actually a good thing when used in moderation. The problem is most people are heavily addicted and they live through their phones.

I want to end with this. Social media is a luxury unless you make a living from your social media accounts it’s something that you can easily do without.
Sorry if I misspelled any thing I wrote this in a hurry . Also sorry if this was a little long I tried to make it as short as possible. Cheers!!

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Great content, I don't think quitting social media is the best although it's got its bad side and everything. I will say you take the good and drop the bad and be social media smart.

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