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Klever Token on the Tron Network - Ticker - KLV



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Klever is an amazing project with so much in the works it's hard to even get started. Firstly, Klever is build on Tron but will not remain on the Tron network and more on that later but first I'd like to talk about Klever Wallet. It's a very useful and fast wallet. I find Klever Wallet to be very responsive and with a build in dapp browser and compatibility with the TRON, BSC and networks it makes for easy and elegant solution for storing your crypto.

Let's take a look at klever's road map so you can understand why I am so excited about Klever and the future of this project. At the end of the year Klever Blockchain will start their testnet. There will be a hardware wallet presale and an update to Klever 5. By Q1 2022 you have KLV pre-staking validators, klever blockchain mainnet along with the token swap.


Klever will be releasing a browser for mobile and desktop along side an update to the mainnet and a Wealth Management Program by the end of Q4 22'. One thing to mention is that here is that it also talks about a Hedge Fund and what Klever is Calling a Privacy Phone, and this is where things start to heat up for me personally. I have been looking for alternatives to my Google Android even though I do love it we are all becoming increasingly away of the amount of privacy invasion these devices are capable of. The concept of making calls through the blockchain or even paying of these services with my KLV. Maybe even free calls with enough KLV staked. We will have to wait and see what is in store from the Klever Team and on a side note, Projects like Klever is why I have faith in the Tron network. This company is staking part of their reputation on the Tron ecosystem.


Make sure to do your own research. Here is a link to the contract on the Tronscan.


Here are some links to there social media pages



This is not financial advice and I am not a financial advisor.

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