the dairygame betterlife 08/04/2021


  1. The world is a passenger house. But the unfortunate have considered it as their homeland and eternal abode.
  2. Think of the pain and sorrow in the world as necessary and the happiness as temporary
  3. The troubles of this world can be easily borne by the one who believes in Allah.
  4. The car of the world is the two wheels of destiny and destiny. Only the presence of both can drive the car.
  5. Sickness is a problem in the world, but debt is a problem.
  6. The greatest defect of man in the world is that he is mortal and there is nothing left for him but good deeds.
  7. Considering even the smallest sin in the world as big, a grain of wheat drove Adam out of Paradise.
  8. In the world, to open one's mouth, that is, to speak, is to be caught.
  9. Don't be fooled by the flowers of the world because this newborn has been made green for another land.
  10. Rain in the world is not useful for homeless agriculture. It is useless to shed tears of regret by wasting one's life.
    11.Naturally in the world, one person is in need of another. A person who does not value this divine principle is disobedient to Allah and salt is haraam.
  11. Adornment in the world can be of use to the depressed heart. It is the same to have a carving on a prison wall.
    13.The free hair in the world is the one who is unaware of the world, the bird does not cry in the egg, although the egg is narrower than the cage.
  12. The world is a house whose first affliction and the hereafter is annihilation. He will be held accountable for what is lawful and punished for what is unlawful. The one who is rich in it is often in trouble and the one who is in need is in grief.

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