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The Dairy Game (11-04-2021) My Saturday Activities.

How are you all? I am fine and I hope you will all be fine. I woke up this morning and the weather was lovely. I prayed first and then I recited the Quran. And then I went to the ground for a while. What are you doing? What did you do for breakfast? After breakfast, I went to the roof to prepare for college. I went to college. When I went to college, I taught the kids computer or took a test about it. Then the kids said, "Sir, why don't you come up with a picture today that we will always remember. The weather was good enough so I said ok let's take a picture with you guys but then I said no i won't come inside the picture but all of you get together i will take a picture of all of you Then I gathered the children. All the students sat down in a row and I made a picture of all of them which I have shared with you below.


When I came back in the shadows, I saw that my cousin who He was repairing a motorbike. He called me. He came to my house. I have some work to do. I took it very lightly and after that with the help of both of us he got better.My cousin's motorcycle was a Yamaha which was a very old model but he fixed it after a lot of hard work. I also went to him and I also helped him but after helping me the motorcycle He could have ridden it. Now he has left home on a motorbike. My cousin paid for the bike in full and then he reassembled it completely. It took him about five hours to do it and I was sitting next to someone and helping him. Sometimes he catches something. Sometimes he catches something and it is very difficult to make a motorcycle. I have seen that it does not have a blog page. They have to be sent in order. If we don't arrange the motorcycle, the motorcycle can never run.


so we found out that there is more good food and the weather was getting much sweeter. Clouds were covering the sky. We saw things clouded. When I saw that the clouds had come and the weather was so lovely, I decided to cook something very nice at home. I wanted to make biryani and fritters with it and make tikis with it. Have fun.Because such food looks good only in rainy season. In rainy season pakodas etc. are made a lot and it is a big trend in Pakistan that whenever the weather is very sweet, people make all kinds of food and give it to friends. This is what happens in Basirpur. Whenever the rainy season comes, people prepare all kinds of food and then they all sit down and eat together.I asked my mother to make something at home so my mother made biryani and whatever to make with it and there was contact with it and there was also bread so it was a lot of fun we all had my brothers come And the sisters were with me, Abu Ami, and we really enjoyed eating this food in the rainy season.

After lunch, the rain stopped and the weather became very lovely. Sometimes it was raining and sometimes the rain stopped. Sometimes it stopped. Sometimes it stopped. But the weather was fine. Shortly after that, my mother asked me to tell you what to eat for the night so we all said we just wouldn't eat anymore because the weather was fine and we all ate to our heart's content. If you had eaten, this is his diary that I want you and I to like and comment on your diary. Now I'm sharing a picture of the food with you. If you like the food, please like it.


I have been posting for many days but none of my posts are being deleted. I am very sorry that I am working hard but not writing my post. I request you to consider my post and my post. To be open and benefit from this I hope that my request will be processed and I can continue this work.

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