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Where a little foot slips the next day the water of honor becomes full. Screenshot installers
There are two types. The first type of people would be Noor, Faqira, Shakeel, Jamil, and Sardar Khan but on Facebook Nooran, Faqira, Shakeela, Jamila and
Become chiefs. They are seasoned hunters, they don't like small prey but they only catch big fish. Let's hunt two with one arrow,
The first is that if he is really proud, he is forced to give up Facebook, and if he is dishonest, the second is to create a fake ID again.
The harvest of honor begins to sow. The second is that they are branded as oppressed and like politicians who like sympathetic comments for a long time.
Keep receiving. The profile of such Basheer Nazirs is fully bound by Shariah, they put their picture in full hijab, but one thing
Take special care that the eyes should look intoxicated so that the viewer is completely immersed in intoxication. It's mostly eighteen to twenty-two years
Are unmarried, highly educated, and live in shady areas, their mustaches are only visible to us at that time.
When Bashir and Nazarian make the mistake of tying each other up and the one who wins becomes Alexander the screenshot of the mustache of the loser
Publicly, it breaks the hearts of hundreds of lovers like me.
The second type is the slaves whose mothers are disgusted with them, the neighbors are upset and the fathers are remorseful.
The unfortunate one breaks the bed at home all day without any shame, even after doing some work.
Listen, such lads, step on Facebook to become something and become a software engineer by fulfilling their parents' dream and do them a great favor,
For the first two months, Sharif has been supporting well-known political and religious intellectuals and their posts
They comment with restraint, then carefully select an intellectual and then mess with that intellectual, on each of his posts.
The comments that make him "Tao" are made, even though he is an intellectual in the same way, but he is addicted to hundreds of likes and comments.
The poor man forgets the past and at last, he goes out of his mind and comes to his time and thus his foot slips, now what step has slipped this new novel
It's Eid for Londa. The next day, screenshots of the message are flashing in the inbox full of abuses of this intellectual.
The hearts of thousands of followers are broken and the intellectual gets divorced three times and falls in love with this slave.
In addition to these two types, there is also a type of family, if it is the original girls, but despite the best efforts of parents beyond matriculation
Not being able to read or be a good daughter, parents worried about their relationship that no relationship came and our lives are small but what comes does not come again.
Her only hobby is using Facebook. She is also the only daughter of a highly educated and successful businessman.
Makes a thousand to two thousand friends then someone posts like this.
"Mention good writers in your friend list"
In two days, more than one good writer enters their friend list.
Then she attracts these famous writers through her likes and comments. She mostly writes sad poetry and
With the help of good writers, Parveen soon becomes Shakir, then his mind reaches the seventh heaven, first the rich and the poor, his inbox for everyone.
Used to keep the doors open now these doors are closed on the poor where someone doubted their sex or someone insulted the next day screenshot
His face is blackened by applying it and the nobles give him full support in this work.
So, brothers, elders, and friends, the purpose of describing these three Facebook preaching numbers is that if you see a short screen on any wall,
Understand that this must be Nooran Sardar Jamila or Parveen Shakir Nama Original Shakila with a mustache, as long as you stay two kilometers away from them.
Your honor will remain intact and if you have become an intellectual then please beware of bad guys like you otherwise your intellect may be oiled.
Finally, please
If you come across a friend request from a scholar named Asifa, accept it immediately and get the reward.

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