#Barbershop in Front of Mosque and Railway Station of Basirpur

Hello, how are you I hope you are all well and living a good life I woke up this morning and went out for a walk. I saw a mosque near the #railway #station in #Basirpur and a barber who was sitting in front of the #mosque and #shaving a man. Nowadays, where there are so many exhibitions, people make big shops and sit in big VIP chairs with big glass and shave and shave people. And they are charging a lot of #money.


Even in this age of #narcissism, there are still many people who just want to live a simple life. You can see that there is no glass in front of the chair on which the man is sitting. He is getting his hair cut without glasses. The fee is only 20 rupees.
Beauty is not in money, it is in the #heart.

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