betterlife the diary game visit to a Watermelon field 01-05-2021

I hope you are well. In today's diary I want to tell you. I woke up early in the morning, then I prayed Fajr, then I went to my head, then I did an hour of circus and then I went home. I came again, I came again, I took a bath, I freshened up, I sewed clothes, after that I went to the bazaar I slept all day then I got up at four o'clock and offered Asr prayers then I thought my friend has a watermelon farm I go there I saw there are very big watermelons and there are too many I saw watermelons everywhere. Today I found out how the watermelons we eat are made.
At first I didn't know how these watermelons are, they are above ground or they live underground. When I went to work on this, I found out that they are above ground and these watermelons are very much together. All of them. Once the watermelons are taken off, two or three days later they grow in the same place. My friend told me that watermelons are mostly planted in the cold and then they become hot. And these watermelons are both small and very big. Then he took us to his farm.



We planted watermelons there and he showed us that watermelons are planted like this. Which is first planted in the ground, then the watermelon is placed on top of the melon and then they become watermelons. I asked them how much care is taken for the training or they plant it themselves. He said no, they are not taken care of so much thanks to other crops

Then he took us to his other farmhouse. There we saw even bigger watermelons than him. Everywhere we looked, we saw watermelons. Then he broke a watermelon and showed it to us. It is broken and its tanks were pressed again in Zubair land to become more watermelon in the same place. We took this picture. He broke a watermelon and took it to his camp. There he cut the watermelon. When he cut it, watermelon came out from inside, so beautiful and so clean and red in color.



Then we put ice on it. We ate it with the pleasure of adding ice. The watermelon was very sad and very hard. To take her home and eat at home in the evening. Then the time was enough. We came back home. I hope you enjoyed today's date and you also know about watermelons, how watermelons are planted and how they are delivered to us.

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Your diary game Your watermelon crop is very interesting in which you mentioned watermelon. And your day was very busy

01.05.2021 14:45

thnks u

01.05.2021 17:32

Very good post of the season fruit. Watermelon is very good fruit of the current season. In the past, we were missing its plantation in our area. From the previous 3 to 4 years, the trend is becoming popular. Keep it up your effort.

01.05.2021 16:47

thnk u my dear sir

01.05.2021 17:32

You have applied the form of watermelon, nowadays water melon season is there and people eat it with a lot of songs. And exercising the watermelon

01.05.2021 17:50

I liked your post very much. You mentioned watermelon in it and you also mentioned that you did not know whether watermelons are below ground or above ground. We like your point. Do and eat you Khalil

03.05.2021 02:09