If I could dream again


Look at yourself, today you are trembling and feel
May your heart beats louder and harder
And you are about to start
In college, but neither your body or your mind projects happiness

Because you don't know if you are where you should be
Well, your parents told you what you were going to study
Since they say it doesn't give money what to you anymore
You are passionate in this world about everything else

I don't blame you for opting for that proposal
You just wanted to avoid fights and protests
Without being so aware of how that decision affects you

Four or five years of learning things that don't interest you
And all why?
Because you care more what you think
The people of you who do what interests you most

Do you think that at the end you will finally do what you really like?
As if time stops when someone gives you an excuse
Look at you, today you graduated
You think your debt to your parents is finally over
But when you look more closely at their looks you notice something weird

And there is disappointment inside and at the same time very angry
And don't you know why?
You have cheated them

Making them think you liked what you studied
When in reality you weren't going to work
In that profession in which they spent so much

That is why it is normal that they now tell you that they have finished
To educate and support you with money they have earned
Well now it's your turn to know ...

What is a job and become independent too
For you to value it well
And by the way to get away from what they believe
I would condemn your future if you studied it too

You have no choice, in your situation
You say "hello" to work and "goodbye" to the previous dream

Look at you, the years go by
Before dreaming was simple being home alone
But you have already formed a family and it exceeds
In importance to every old dream that has inhabited years in your head

And you lie, every time you say you don't regret
For having changed my own dream for that of other people
And, you do not accept that you were not brave
And instead you say you earn more than many people

Look, you're right, I don't say no
But how much money replaces a great passion?
A million a month or two?
Is that your situation?

You earn an average salary and hate your profession
He steals all your time and life without compassion
Almost 50 hours a week without fun
You are a slave and you do not know, what a situation!

May have been a huge genius in your other passion
Look at you, today there are wrinkles all over your body
And it is more than evident that in your being there is regret

Would you like to go back or minimum buy more time
But it's no more than a dream to daydream again
Be brave at once and take out what you have inside

Do not lie to the mirror, no longer believe in your stories
For the first time admit what you keep silent all the time
Before time runs out and I will steal your breath

Sorry, for not knowing how to choose well
For not fighting for my passion
I didn't know a father too
I might not be right
Fear was my downfall

Why nobody warned me
That simple decision would take me where I am?

I would like to go back time
And don't leave my destiny in someone else's hands
If I could dream again
I could achieve what I never came true
       Author: Green A

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