Day 7 Report [151,949 Impressions, 1,361 Click, 0.90% CTR] - $120 Steemit Ads Campaign on TikTok | 10% to @steem.amal by naufal


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10% Payout from this post will goes to @steem.amal

Please read my previous post about the plan, strategy, and how to set up the ad that I presented through the post: US$120 Steemit Ads Campaign on TikTok for 7 Days - IT'S STARTED [ 10% Payout to @steem.amal]

About This Campaign

This campaign is about activities to #PromoSteem to the wider community who take advantage of paid advertising features through social media with the aim of getting a wider impression so people know, join, and are interested in investing in Steemit. One of the social media used is TikTok.

TikTok is a platform mainly aimed at content creators. And the ease with which anyone can become a content creator is one of the many factors that give TikTok an advantage over the competition.

With these TikTok statistics in mind, you’ll be able to understand the new social media happenings in a better way. These statistics also prove that whether you’re a social media marketer or a social media user, TikTok isn’t a force to be taken lightly. It’s time to pay serious attention to TikTok.

Ad Setting Resume

In this campaign I set a budget of USD $ 100 (IDR 1,440,275.00) which will be divided into IDR 200,000.00 per day. The campaign is set for 7 days starting from May 2, 2021 to May 9, 2021. Where the total cost of advertising is 1,440,275 plus 10% tax 144,500, bringing the total cost to 1,589,500. Then add the online course fee of 150,000. So that the total costs incurred for this campaign are:

US$120.78 (IDR 1,739,500.00)

Ad Promotion Setting
Advertising Objective Traffic (send more people to destination web/app)
Promotion Type Website (collect data with TikTok Pixel)
Ad Placement TikTok App, BaBe App

Ad Target Setting
Targeting Location Indonesia
Gender Male & Female
Age 18-54 years old
Language English, Indonesian
Interest/Behavior Education, Tech & Electronics, Social Media, Photography, Reading, Culture & Art, Food
Device Android, iOS

Ad Budget Resume
Schedule 05-02-2021 - 05-09-2021
Ad Cost 1,440,275
Tax 144,500
Online Course Fees 150,000
Total 1,739,500

Ad Content Detail
Content Single Video 30s
Display Name
Text Earn Money from writing content on Steemit
Call to Action Sign Up
Profile Image Steemit logo

Ad Preview

NOTE: Because this is not a Promoted Post, there is no link that I can provide to lead to the ad for us to see. Because this ad is broadcast randomly to an audience that has been previously set. But you can see here is the Ad Preview:


this is ad video content


Result Day 6

Actually, if the ad is in accordance with the initial settings, then this campaign should have been finished. Because we set the ad from May 2nd to May 9th. However, because yesterday there was an error in the ad content, causing the ad to be rejected and having to submit a new ad. So the ad is divided into 3 parts. Because 2 content was previously rejected by TikTok.


2 ads rejected due to URL errors, and 1 active ad

So, the following is some information from the results of the 6-day campaign.


Overall data statistics in curves

As you can see, for 6 days our running ads have spent IDR 1,232,726 with the results we get: Total impressions 151,949 with 1,361 clicked links. With CTR 0.90%. CTR is a Click Through Rate which is simply the comparison between users who see our ad and those who click on it, or in other words, how many viewers are interested in the products/services we advertise. A CTR with a percentage of 1 - 1.5 % is considered good, while a CTR above 2 % is considered extraordinary.


percentage of impressions by gender
Gender Impressions Percentage
Male 46,368 30.52%
Female 101,502 66.80%

So far from the 151,949 impressions data results, TikTok users who are interested in Steemit are still dominated by females 66.80%.


percentage of total click by gender
Gender Click Percentage
Male 376 27.63 %
Female 931 68.41 %

So far from the 1,361 click data results, the total number of clicks is still dominated by females 68.41%.


percentage of ad cost by gender (in Rupiah IDR)
Gender Cost Percentage
Male 356,494 28.92%
Female 836,427 67.85%

So far from the 1,232,726 cost data results, the total cost that has been spent by gender is mostly spent by females 67.85%.


graph of impressions based on ad placement
Placement Impressions Percentage
TikTok App 152,001 99,97%
News App (BaBe) 39 0.03%

So far from the 151,949 placement data results, the total impressions based on ad placement by App is mostly spent by TikTok App 99.97%.


graph of click based on ad placement
Placement Click Percentage
TikTok App 1,361 99.93%
News App (BaBe) 1 0.07%

So far from the 1,361 Click data results, the total click based on ad placement by App is mostly spent by TikTok App 99.93%.


graph of cost based on ad placement
Placement Cost Percentage
TikTok App 1,232,526 99.98%
News App (BaBe) 200 0.02%

Operating System Impressions Click CTR
iOS 132,044 1,224 0.93%
Android 15,826 83 0.52 %

From the graph above, we can conclude that so far the most advertisements shown are on TikTok App with a percentage of 99.98% with the most iPhone device users 132,044.


And this is the dayparting of the total impressions we receive. This data is displayed hourly in days broken down by weekly. This data is the second week this ad is running. In the graph, we can see that the highest number of views is on Monday, May 10, 2021 at 00.00. As much as 1,863

Highlight Result

Impressions CTR Click Cost
151,949 0.90% 1,361 IDR 1,232,726


That's all the information about the daily update $120 Steemit Ads Campaign on TikTok for 7 Days that I can provide today. I hope this information can be useful for all of us, especially to the @steemitblog Development Team and also for the Promotor in #PromoSteem


Thanks to:

PromoSteem Team
@arie.steem, @ponpase, @pojan

@julstamban Promoter - Philippines
@jassennessaj Promoter - Philippines
@vipnata Promoter - Italy
@mcsamm Promoter - Ghana
@nattybongo Promoter - Ghana


And also big thanks for supporting me,


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