The Bible: A book that is not the same.


The entire Bible is a revelation of the glory of God in Christ. Adopted with faith and obedience, it becomes the greatest power to transform character. This is the great motivating energy and acting force that excites physical, mental and spiritual abilities and directs life on the right path.

The reason why young people and even adults fall into temptation and sin so easily lies in the fact that they do not examine the Word of God and do not meditate on it as it should.

The absence of a firm and definite willpower, manifested in the life and character of a person, is the result of neglect of the sacred instructions of the Word of God.

The truths of the Bible accepted by man elevate the mind and soul. If the Word of God were valued as it should, then the young and the old would have the inner strength and power of conviction that would make them capable of resisting temptation.

People must teach and write about the values ​​revealed in the Scriptures. The thoughts, abilities, and best powers of the mind should be devoted to the study of God's thoughts. Do not study the philosophy of human assumptions, but study the philosophy of Him who is the truth. No other literature can compare to this in value.

A worldly mind finds no pleasure in meditating on the Word of God; but for the mind renewed by the Holy Spirit, divine beauty and heavenly light shine from the holy pages. What is a desert desert for the secular mind becomes a country with a stream of living water for a spiritually minded mind.

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