Soursop and its Benefits.


Dear friends of @steemit, soursop is one of the fruits that has a lot of healing properties, one of the most unique and important are the anti-cancer properties. Fruit and juice pulp is used for the treatment and prevention of cancer.

One of the most interesting benefits of soursop is related to the antioxidant activity derived from acetogenins, quinolones and alkaloids. These are directly related to cancer prevention and tumor size reduction. The acetogenins present in the soursop treat blood flow to strange or abnormal cell growth, so they favor the treatment of breast, lung, prostate and pancreatic cancer.

Some health benefits of soursop are due to antioxidant properties, including terpenoids, flavonoids, saponins, alkaloids, coumarins, lactones, tannins, phenols, cardiac glycosides and phytosterols. All of these compounds can help fight pathogenic cells and tumors.

Soursop is rich in several minerals such as iron, sodium, copper, calcium and magnesium; That is why guanabana protects cells from oxidative damage by seeking free radicals and promoting the production of antioxidants.

Most diseases are related to an inflammatory reaction. A contaminant free radical can damage the body's cells and destroy our body system. Soursop can help fight inflammation by providing our immune system with an additional dose of antioxidants to counteract these harmful free radicals.

Soursop leaf extracts help reduce arthritic swelling, which is why it is considered the ideal guabana to treat arthritis.

The mucous membrane of the stomach can play an important role in the fight against free radicals. Providing an antioxidant booster can help preserve gastric mucus and prevent it from developing stomach ulcers, so it is recommended to consume soursop.

Soursop is often consumed as an analgesic, as it inhibits pain receptors and other inflammatory molecules.

Soursop improves intestinal microflora, eliminates toxins from the body and has a beneficial effect on the liver. It also removes uric acid from the body, which helps treat gout.

Soursop lowers blood pressure, normalizes heart rate, also has antiviral properties, strengthens the immune system. Therefore, soursop has a beneficial effect on the bronchopulmonary system. Soursop improves liver health.

Soursop leaves are used to treat fever and seizures. Soursop leaves are also known for the treatment of abscesses and skin diseases. They contain anti-inflammatory agents that can help protect the skin from infections.

Soursop leaf extract may contribute to a skin condition known as papilloma, which causes tumor rashes on the skin. It is said that the soursop does the skin well and its leaves soften the baby's skin.

Soursop paste can improve hair health by strengthening dandruff, itching and hair.

The antioxidants present in soursop can help treat eye diseases.

Soursop is traditionally used in the treatment of hypertension.

Soursop is used in various foods such as soft drinks, ice cream, candy, puddings, soups, cheesecake and roasted or roasted vegetables. It is recommended not to eat the seeds due to the presence of neurotoxins. But the raw meat of the fruit is an excellent way to fully enjoy the sour taste.

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