MY GOLDENCENSERDAILY: "Peace be with you"

My dear Christian community! In today's life with the dynamics of technology, political distinctions, economic and health problems, it is very likely that for most people the days are very busy, and we lack one thing: tranquility, harmony, balance, peace of mind, peace of mind, spiritual peace, inner peace in life and harmony within yourself.


We must reflect and know our way because "When a man is with God, he has peace and quiet in his soul." And we should not promote keeping God's way.

Tranquility is when you feel the absence of stress and anxiety within you, that is, only a calm inner state. But most importantly, it is also free from all the negative. This occurs when a person does not experience negative emotions for the reason that he only has the right thoughts, that is, the positive ones. A person who wants to feel peace and harmony in his soul should think only of the good and the positive.


When the Lord Jesus Christ appeared to his disciples in the resurrection, he greeted them with the words: "Rejoice! Do not be afraid! Peace be with you!


We must know that the peace of God, which is beyond any human mind (Phil. 4, 7), is indeed a gift, but man must deserve it. Very often, the world we are talking about today reaches a person as a result of their lifelong efforts. Because the peace that Christ gives is the peace of the soul of man with a clear conscience, with a strong faith and trust in God. This world cannot be shaken by external temptations, problems, tragedies.

Very rarely, for purposes known only to God Himself, He gives the opportunity to experience feelings of closeness to himself, communion with God with a person who did not strive at all for this. But this also happens, because the Lord wants to save each person, and tries to take them to everyone's destiny with their own destinies.

Usually, in a world of a completely different type of anxiety, a person is tormented: endless problems, worries, and that is probably why we are losing peace of mind so quickly. But there are many examples in which ordinary Christians maintain the peace of the soul in the most difficult circumstances: in diseases, in exile, in prisons ...

Certainly, the main cause of concern for modern man is that he lives without God and tries to solve all problems on his own. The concern here is really completely cruel. On the contrary, constant discouragement, despair accompany that person's life. Either he doesn't believe in God or, perhaps, he considers himself a believer, but he doesn't understand how to build a relationship with God. And this can only be done in one way: trusting God in everything.

For believing Christians "God is the center of their lives", and in adverse circumstances just trust God, then he says: "Lord, it hurts, but what you do, you do for my benefit. I know this, I believe in it and, therefore, I accept from your hand everything I must accept. As I used to accept the good, today I accept the bad. "


Dear brothers, we must be clear that finding peace in the soul is a very difficult task. But one thing is clear: only the Lord can provide real relief and tranquility, and only God can really calm your soul and your heart.

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20.12.2019 11:13

Thanks for the word, may the lord bless us with his peace and tranquility.

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Thanks for the word, may
The lord bless us with his peace
And tranquility.

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