Making Mango Ice Cream at Home.

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I am very happy because it is the temperate mango in my country Venezuela, it is a fruit that I enjoy a lot and it gives me many vitamins, it is popularly known as a source of vitality, it is a great antioxidant because it has B vitamins (B1, B2, B5, B6, B9), vitamin A, C and D, also contains several minerals: zinc, manganese, iron and phosphorous.

Mango is eaten fresh, but it also has various uses in the kitchen, they make it juice, jelly, compote, it is added to desserts, fruit salads, cakes. Mango with milk and cream, so you can safely add it to traditional breakfasts.

This time I will show you how I prepare mango ice creams, with plastic bags that in my country popularly call them "Tits". To prepare it you only need the green mango, sugar, water and the plastic bags of tits.

I wash the green mango, and proceed to remove the shl.

Thenen I cut it into slices until all the pulp of the mango is separated from the seed. I put the already cut mango in a pot, and add water until it covers the entire mango. I put it to boil for about 10 minutes, then I turn it off and cover the pot, to let the hott.

WhenWhen it is rested, it is necessary to liquefy, it goes through the strainer, you can add water while you strain them. When you have the mixture you add the sugar. Adding a lot of water is not recommended, because the mango is a citrus fruit and the mixture needs to be concentrated so that the ice cream isy.

Once the mango juice mixture is ready, we must open the bags of tits.
H5.JPGOnce the mango juice mixture is ready, we must open the bags os.

Oncebag. Note that the mixture fits into the corner of the bag, and ties.


I hoezer, and in a few hours you can enjoy some delicious mango ice creams.


I hope you are encouraged to prepare ice creams: "Tits", since all kindst.

In p a family sustenance, since they are very commercial and they sell a lot.


In particular, I learned to prepare them because my mother taught me to have our ice creams for snacke.

to prepare some delicious ice creams at home.

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