Win Steem: 24 Hours Left to Write Your Natural Medicine Story - Plus, Curie Sponorship News!

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All the same LOTUS lovin', and the same welcome - but on a far more decentralised, ethical and blossoming blockchain!

Much love!

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Ok, I think I can handle that! Do we just tag you in the post?

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05.07.2019 22:02

@brutledge post link under original post but now i know you are writing I can check later when I wrap it up in about 10 hours time xx

05.07.2019 22:15

Ugh, I suck. I'm sorry I didn't get it done.😭

06.07.2019 17:30

Wait.... my revised delegation didn’t go through?

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05.07.2019 22:31

@metametheus i am guilty of copying and pasting from last week. Sorry honey. @walkerland please can you revise when you get two shakes?

06.07.2019 05:06

@metametheus, @riverflows - I updated this post with the changes in delegations!♡ Thank you so much @porters,@immarojas, @metametheus & @bewithbreath and @riverflows for your generous increase in delegations this week. ♡

06.07.2019 12:11

Loving the @curie support and appreciating them! I try to make it a habit to every day upvote-comment on one of their curied posts... somehow I always feel like I'm contributing to growing steem when I do that. Happy to have written for this challenge already - enjoying the stories.

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06.07.2019 02:20

I'm on it already. Thanks @naturalmedicine for this privilege

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06.07.2019 03:20

Hi @riverflows - I am just finishing my post now and will try to be done within the hour or so. So sorry to be so late and slow. TY for the opportunity.

06.07.2019 07:18


06.07.2019 08:05

That's wonderful news! Congratulations! 🤗
I'm certainly looking forward to the next challenges. This one was a lot of fun.

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06.07.2019 13:46

Is it too late to participate??

06.07.2019 15:15

Sorry yes. But we have a new challenge starting Saturday.

06.07.2019 21:46