What Natural Medicine Thinks of The Hard Fork

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So well put!!

And that’s because the people in the community are here because they are genuinely interested in the reading, sharing, blogging, and learning about different aspects of natural health — they’re actively involved in it, not just writing about what they read on wikis!

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23.08.2019 21:20

Yes, the active engagement is totally what makes this community!

24.08.2019 08:28

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23.08.2019 21:21

I agree with a lot of what you said, especially about us actually engaging with posts and going out and curating ourselves. For a long time at the beginning of this year I had kinda lost hope for Steemit and gave up posting or even logging in at all. I had some curation rewards coming in but it was just a trickle.

Now with this new project I launched coinciding with the ultra low price of STEEM I have learned some valuable lessons. First is to never give up and keep pushing. Nobody is going to hold your hand in life so you need to suck it up and keep trying harder. Second I learned that if you want to see the change you have to be the change; I bought over 16,000 STEEM in this down market and I feel more confident about Steem than ever before.

23.08.2019 21:39

I'm right with you there. We had a bit of a blip a couple of weeks ago when I was almost ready to give up. But I don't think that's the attitude - the community is only as good as the effort it's people put in. And it's people like you, and relationships with communities like yours, that will see the growth of Steem and all it's tokens and communities. Much love for your thoughtful comment.

24.08.2019 08:29

Well said! Lots of people who aren’t used to curating aren’t happy with the upcoming changes but communities like this and others who do their own curation are in great shape. I’m hoping to have more time in the coming weeks, I’ve got at least one NM post that I’ve been putting off. Summer is supposed to be a slower time at work but it’s the exact opposite for me!

23.08.2019 23:52

Well see, you've been part of our community since the start, and whenever you add, we support you and we love that. And you're always so supportive of us, and that's so appreciated. We can't die with folk like you around! xxx

24.08.2019 08:30

Gotta support the first community I got involved with however I can!

24.08.2019 12:52

Super clear and well put. Needed for those nervous nelliees who think it might be like Y2K LOL Remember that??!! I's a bit like those of us who have lived through 3 military coups. haha... @naturalmedicine's turn again on Monday for a delegation increase. I'm enjoying plonking the good posts over in facebook land to entice people over, and hope the extra curation rewards help juice it up for everyone.

I ESPECIALLY loved your very witty cutlery pic. LOL.

24.08.2019 04:32

Oh gosh Y2K! Hilarious.

I've LOVED your Facebook maintenance, proving you are the right woman for the job. Sometimes I see those posts before I see them here, and I love being able to share them on my wall! As much a we might gripe at Facebook, the fact is that people may SEE us there, and that's gonna help with onboarding which in turn will help this community grow.

24.08.2019 08:33

@artemislives I keep seeing great posts pop up on my Facebook and going wow... where did that come from? I shared your plum post in my circles yesterday and they loved it. I may have one onboarder because of this!!!

29.08.2019 20:25

I think this is one of the best posts about the HF21. This is what I am focusing on. Keep putting out good content. Genuinely respond to others (good comments are almost as important as a good post.) and keep up engagement.

24.08.2019 08:23

Oh gosh now that's a compliment!! Thankyou. I tried to be as clear as I could but it's thanks to all the witnesses and others posting about it that helped me formulate an opinion to be able to write about it. Thanks so much for your vote of confidence - sometimes when you write stuff like this you just expect a thrashing!

24.08.2019 08:32

When things change and uncertainty hits the best thing to do is focus on what you can do. Smaller accounts will be the ones that struggle the most, but the communities can hopefully remedy that.

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24.08.2019 10:08

Yes, and exactly what we did last HF... supported the little guy. Let me knkw if you find people who need our support xx

29.08.2019 20:23

Now that I have a foothold on steem, I feel confident I can survive any storms. But having recently gotten here, remembering so clearly the struggle to get a single cent on a post, and knowing an upvote worth nothing generates nothing in curation rewards, I worry for the newbies. I'll be looking out for them in large part. Whenever someone new gives me a 100% upvote with no value, I go to their blog, return the 100% upvote, follow them and support them heavily. What other steps can we do to help the newbies stay afloat?

24.08.2019 15:05

Let people know they exist. Drop their posts in NM or The Hive. Tell me... i can often delegate

29.08.2019 20:26

Yeah I think to many people on Steem only care about there content. Not to many people actually seek out content to curate. Hopefully the upcoming hard fork changes this.

24.08.2019 20:01

I hope so too, and i think it will. Im feeling positive!

29.08.2019 20:22

How many comments you write a day? Did you ever wrote a recommendation to read certain content? Just curious how it works.

30.08.2019 01:59

I've got my fork ready to dig in! A sour attitude isn't going to help things anyway, so I'm going to keep spewing out rainbows and butterflies as I go with the flow. ;)

24.08.2019 20:03

It's a tough one for me. I need to figure out if the price of SBD will go up or down because I need to cash out SBD to pay my bills. While if things go bad and I make nothing on this platform after the fork because rewards will be stripped even more for minnows earning less than 20 Steem, I might want to pull out, but I don't want to just up and leave because as a delegator and member for various communities like NM, it will have an impact on the group. Maybe I'll just keep sharing everything I do share now and just make less and content myself to that, because it's better than nothing, but if my content gets flagged by bullies or I see abuse going on on the platform, I will have to rethink my time here. For now, I am staying, and if I go, you will hear about it long before I do anything, but I wanted to share my thoughts and feelings.

I love the community at NM and I hope things turn out well and that my fears are proven false.

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24.08.2019 21:05

I hope so @binkyprod. you are such a creative soul and create good content that even if you just kept doing what you doing you still achieve something. I'm sorry that you have to rely on it to pay the bills that really sucks. I think more people will be buying Steam and powering up full stop it might take a few months to stabilize but let's be positive. Thanks for your support. I don't think your stuff will be flagged as there is no reason for them to do it. I am a bit scared to do flagging in case it gets returned to me so I'm going to stay well clear of it. The dust will settle and things will go back to normal I am sure

29.08.2019 20:29

Yeah, I'm not planning on flagging anyone either. Someone did downvote my mug the other day. Not anyone with enough voting power to affect me significantly. We'll just have to see how things pan out.

31.08.2019 08:36

Thank you for this reassuring and clarifying post!
I had no doubts about moving forward through the hardfork for I totally love the communities I'm involved in, especially Natural Medicine Community and come what may I will be supporting them as they support me!
Just upped my delegation to the Lavender & Arnica delegator level!

25.08.2019 04:17

Indeed nothing will change if we all stay in the same community, are equally string and devoted if it comes to upvoting and commenting. The fact is hardly anyone does plus if you are low on the ladder your equals have no voice or hardly any.

30.08.2019 01:57