Medicine Blocks Challenge: Still A Week to Go For A Chance to Win Tokens & Up to 60 Steem! DUE DATE NOV 15TH!

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What have cows, love and pumpkin butter got in common? They're all gorgeous things that have been part of the stories told by Steemians this week about the 'blocks' that have prevented them really lotus blossoming into their best selves. Absolutely ADORED the entries this week - each one wins 10 LOTUS just for entering! Can't wait to read next week's entries! Don't forget, you can enter more than once, and do resteem to get the word out! This helps us earn steem to keep offering you these great prizes!

Becoming Vegan: Why Didn't I Do It Earlier? by @ownbubble

Making Time for Kitchen Experiments by @plantstoplanks

Sometimes the Best Natural Medicine is Taking Away the Bad Things from Your Life by @thelogicaldude

Being at Home is the Best Medicine by @metzli

Love is the Best Medicine by @lacl

How Work can Be a Good Medicine by @stortebeker

Change Needed in Life by @thehive

Treating Anxiety in Nature by @tinabrezpike

A miraculous recovery through ayurveda by @sayee

My Struggling Ego by @fennglen

My Own Discovery and Experimental Medicine by @olivia808

by @chirreerocks

This week's winner of 50 LOTUS is - drum roll - rewarding TWO winners with 50 LOTUS each - @metzli and @lacl. The deeply personal stories you shared and the LOVE that is the medicine that helps you overcome struggles in life were really heart warming!

May your jars always be full of pumpkin butter!


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Congratulations @metzli and @lacl!

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Thank you! And thanks for reading :)

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Wow! That collaborative challenge with @Naturalmedicine and @innerblocks sure bought out some wonderful posts and I love to see them all together in one spot so I can catch more to read! I've got mine brewing, glad we have until the 15th to enter!

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Looking forward to it! I still need to do mine too.

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Thank you! I staked my LOTUS coins and combined with the ones I had purchased, I am making a nice little stake.

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Cheers to pumpkin butter!! 😜 Still making my way around some of the awesome entries yet again! Always learn something new or get some motivation each time I make my rounds in the Natural Medicine sphhere. 💚

Just squeaked in with another post. :)

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