Community Jobs: Earn For Writing for Our Tribe

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Haha, while I'd like to write for your tribe, I'm too much of a heretic: I like to consider science too. I got kicked off my last gig teaching anatomy to yoga teachers for daring to suggest that my 8 hours of anatomy lectures didn't equip teachers to diagnose or treat musculoskeletal conditions. True story

02.01.2020 09:08

Being sincere and real? Awesome. Glad to see you holding out for the real standard of what teaching should be!

02.01.2020 12:05

We love science!!!!! We totally, totally support ANYONE doing this. I teach yoga and totally think it's irresponsible for yoga teachers to diagnose anyone. They aren't medical professionals. WE'd love you to write an editorial about this very topic!!! Get in touch with me on Discord. Whilst some people believe #naturalmedicine is more woo woo or airy fairy, we've actually got a more solid core of crew who really value science as part of the larger paradigm of healing - anecdotes and traditional wisdoms are important (and science has not got around to validating everything, partly due to funding, partly as it simply can't explain everything) - @alchemage, for example, is studying naturopathy and has a chemistry degree, @artemislives bases ALL her work on science research, and I hate broad sweeping statements about the 'power' of things if they aren't backed up. So yeah, come write for us! xx

02.01.2020 22:43

Good to see a clear list of what's needed. Hoping some of those tasks are sorted as a consequence of this post. We want every steem community to thrive!!

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it is really good for steemian

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Excellent Project and a worthy cause... I'm re-steeming for others to see, Also following you now and will take a closer look to see where I may be able to help out. Keep up the Excellent Work!

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