Weekly Promoters Report - Ghana (18th July - 24th July)

Greetings Promosteem Leaders and Community Members,

I am here to present to you a weekly promoters report from Ghana. In this report will be a cover of weekly powerups from both community members and promoters within the stipulated time frame. Also, within this report is a cover of the activities of promosteem Ghana within the stipulated time frame and our plans for the future.


Powerup Report

Below is a summary of the various powerups made by community members within the stipulated time frame. A total of 170SP was powered up by the 6 community members who posted through the community this week. A total of 11 posts were posted by community members within the week. I also recorded a total of 94 SP power up within the stipulated time frame.

User Powerup
@collinz 20
@magcarnie 20
@njaywan 100
@rubilu123 0
@beniba 0
@farhmade 30


On Sunday 18th of July Ghana had it's discord radiotalkshow which was hosted by @mcsamm and saw massive attendance by Community members and visit by our nigerian counterparts. Within the week T-shirts were also distributed to Ghanaian at different locations. There was also chats on whatsapp on future plans and activities that could be rolled out to promosteem especially with universities about vacating soon.

Future Plans

Bettervision shirts are ready for distribution and official launching and would be done within the first week of September once all the team members have acquired their shirts and are ready for it's launch. Our bi-weekly radiotalkshow comes off next week however we would be attending the nigerian talkshow tomorrow and we invite all and sundry to come around make it a success.

Concluding Remarks

Many thanks to all our supporters and all who continue to share and promote steem in their vicinities wherever they find themselves in Ghana. Let's keep the fire burning and our fingers crossed for an amazing tomorrow. Thanks for your time.

Kind Regards,
@nattybongo, CR-Ghana

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Cc : @stephenkendal, @dorbatim, @xeldal, @anroja

PromoSteem Team:
@arie.steem, @pojan, @ponpase

Promoters Team:
*@julstamban Promoter - Philippines
@mcsamm Promoter - Ghana
@nattybongo Promoter-Ghana
@rex-sumon Promoter-Bangladesh
@cryptokraze Promoter - Pakistan
@michaelchijioke Promoter- Nigeria
@oscarcc89 Promoter - Venezuela*

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