Weekly Promoters Report - Ghana (06/06/2021 - 12/06/2021)

Greetings Promosteem Leaders and Steemit Team,

It is a great privilege to come your way this week with the weekly promoters report, a new measure put in place by promosteem leaders to keep promoters on their toes and active in their work monitoring promotional activities that comes from their country and the various powerups that are made on a weekly basis by active participants of the community.

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Edited by @nattybongo

We are hopeful that this will not only motivate members to continue to be more active especially in terms of powerup to update their PU level labelling accordingly. This week the Ghanaian steemians who were active between the time span of 6th June to 12 June were 15 in total with varying number of entries in the community within the week.

A total of 2,613 powerups were recorded for the total number of Ghanaian participants within the community within the stipulated time frame. A total of 32 posts were made to the community out of which about 50% received support from steemcurators.

Please find below the summary for activities recorded for the week;

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Promoters Activities

Ghana Promoters currently have the steemcampus connect project ongoing with bases firmly established in Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and University of Development Studies. We are looking to extend our wings to the University of Ghana, Legon and are making plans on recruiting some steemians to spearhead activities there as captains.

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There is going to be a steem promo and awareness event held on KNUST campus on the Saturday, the 12th of June for which all steemians are invited to help partake in the program and make it a success. Ghana Promoters also hold their radio talk show every two weeks now and the next radio show is to be held on the 20th of June, 2021.

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Ghana Promoters have also distributed the new promoters T-shirts and would be launching them officially on the 12th of June during the Knust campus event. Promoters are setting an example for others to follow in terms of powering up and have powered up a total of 1,128 steem since the inception of the powerup levels.

Concluding Remarks

We continuously encourage Ghanaian steemians to give out their very best in terms of steem promotion and to continue to invest in the blockchain through regular consistent powerups doing well to powerup at least 10% of their earnings for sustainability and growth. We look forward to a fruitful week in the coming days and thanks for your time.

brought to you by @nattybongo, CR-Ghana, Promoter-Ghana, Founder-@bettervision project


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Good job to all promoters

12.06.2021 12:58

This is nice summary of the job than on a weekly basis which we all hope to improve with time and do more.

12.06.2021 13:22

Please I haven't received my label yet.

12.06.2021 13:36

On point

12.06.2021 14:19

This shows we are growing each day, thanks for the great job @nattybongo

12.06.2021 16:00

The rate at which promo steem is growing is great. We hope to do more from time to time

12.06.2021 16:40

That’s a good job done, kudos to all promoters

12.06.2021 16:48

good job

12.06.2021 20:50

great work

12.06.2021 23:49

Promo Steem growing soo fast. So much hope for the future

13.06.2021 00:04

Thanks for this and congrats to all participants.

13.06.2021 08:18

Bro educate me on delegation

14.06.2021 06:18