Basic Netiquettes for the Steem Ghana Community, Attention Newbies

Greetings to all and sundry,

Within this week whiles scouring through post to curate on behalf of the steem ghana leadership i came across some few plagiarized posts which ended up been muted and downvoted, this prompted me to make this writeup to highlight some few things especially for our newbies who may have yet to go through the achievement 3 task which focuses on content etiquettes.


The Steemit blockchain rewards proof of brain and plagiarism as we know it is a crime and ought to be treated with all seriousness and importance. It is expected of steemians to produce original content that stems from our own initiative and ideas hence work that are not your should be made know through citation of sources.

Using images without citing their sources gives the impression of they been your own work, citing your images should be quite simple;

  • First copy the link to the source of your image.
  • Below the image you use the markdown including link thus [] followed by () without any gap :point_down:


This should give you something like [source]() i.e put your description in the square bracket and the link in the second bracket.

However, we encourage members of the community to use their original images as much as possible if they can. Again images from other sources which are not that of the author's should not be copyrighted, to avoid this issue you can easily get nice images from free to use site like, and

Citation of sources should not only be for images but texts too for instances ideas that were taken directly from other sources with or without any form of paraphrasing should be used with the > markup. In addition add source as shown above.


Leader in cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, blockchain, DeFi, digital finance and Web 3.0 news with analysis, video and live price updates.

In-text references is also advised for longer passages since the sources may be a lot and would end up jammed together should you wait to put them at the end.

Adhering to this simple ways of writing shows your respect for proof of brain and an author's work and also makes one's post better.

With steemitcrypto academy in place knowledge is now available for all who seek to be in the know. Let's make an effort to be better and help our community grow bigger and better.

Thanks for your time

This writeup was guided by the achievement 3 task for newcomer's by @cryptokannon


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Great piece brother. Newcomers must be well aware of the need to create original content.

Content Etiquette is the very basis of writing and must definitely be observed on steemit.

Many thanks.

02.04.2021 21:38

Thank you too for the opportunity to serve and share with the community

03.04.2021 00:32

Great tutorials my brother. It will serve as great tool for Newbies to learn and do the right things here in Steem. Thanks so much for your support.

02.04.2021 21:56

Thank you

03.04.2021 00:33

Thanks for the reminder

03.04.2021 16:22

You are very much welome

03.04.2021 18:48

This helps alot. Thank you

05.04.2021 11:15

Great piece , thanks

05.04.2021 16:58

Very educative my brother
Many many thanks to you @nattybongo

10.04.2021 18:17