The bots have taken over...what a sorry state of affairs

Admittedly some of it is well meaning, most of it is just a curation grab but after reading @taskmaster4440 latest post and then looking forward to reading the nine comments, I suddenly realised what a state this place was in.

Here is the post...

It wasn't too long back that @partiko was hounded away for adding a comment to posts created on its App, still the only decent App for mobile use and now look what we have without a whimper of complaint.

So I ask you. If you're going to give someone some tokens or a manually curated or otherwise vote for their post, why the hell do you also need to add a spam comment too?

Is it simply for your own ego or to show off?

So. Should everyone who reads and upvotes a post or gives someone a token add a comment too? If that's what you want , then no prob. I will start. If I upvote a post I will add a comment -

Upvoted by @nathen007 'cos I'm a generous guy and I want the world to know.

Then I can write a daily post, telling everyone again who I voted for which will earn me a fortune and can sit back safe in the knowledge I will be able to retire a wealthy man.

Sorted, I can't wait to start feeling that enormous sense of well being that everyone else seems to feel .

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So tempted to hit this one with a little bit of !DERANGED and perhaps a nice cold !BEER to relax with. Ooops.

I can imagine the number of comments on chain if these bots were excluded would be pitiful. Arse indeed.

20.11.2019 15:18

! Fuck off with your Spam token

You've been awarded 0.00000666 #fuckoffwithyourspam tokens courtesy of that awfully nice @nathen007

20.11.2019 17:47

I'm going to start a revenge mission giving @dlike tokens away!

20.11.2019 17:48

Proud owner of none of those!

20.11.2019 17:59

Leave your pride at the door on the way out 'Dressing Gown boy' ! lol ;-)

20.11.2019 18:18

Favourite item of clothing right there!

20.11.2019 19:57

I bet it is at the moment! We are rather jealous of your -2c at the moment!

21.11.2019 03:10

A Pitiful arse is better than a splinterlands glory hole

20.11.2019 17:51

Did you clean it after use?

20.11.2019 19:57

I think the spam comments decrease the engagement even more. Sometimes I lose the will trying to wade my way through spam comments and tokens.

20.11.2019 18:48

You are probably right. What you need to do is talk about the spam and then you get engagement :)

20.11.2019 19:58

deranged You just received DERANGED @nathen007 Keep up the great work, view all your tokens at

20.11.2019 15:19


20.11.2019 17:35

View or trade BEER.

Hey @nathen007, here is a little bit of BEER from @abh12345 for you. Enjoy it!

20.11.2019 15:19

Have some junk comment

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20.11.2019 17:49

Engagement rate is getting very low here.

20.11.2019 18:06

100% true.

02.12.2019 16:11

They are very boring, it's hard to find the real comments. If anything the spam is putting off replies.

20.11.2019 18:46

Exactly. Hence using that post as example. We need posts that create discussion.
Anyway. How's your neck doing and how are you enjoying the cold snap? I'm rather jealous of the cool temperatures you have right now!

21.11.2019 03:07

My neck is getting better, thanks :)
The cold is a bit chilly, but some lovely sun!
Steemfest seemed like a bit of an endurance test, relieved I sat this one out. Good to meet folks, though.

21.11.2019 09:00

The bot thing is not new, obviously. But the problem is not just that.

The problem is much deeper.

The problem is the complete hierarchy of the platform. The way it is built and the automation in which it has entered, which has made the disappearance of real people and people who do not have Steem.

Equally, The people who participate have also disappeared.

There are fewer and fewer people left. Outside of the people themselves who have the power assigned to the projects and who are dedicated to earning something from Steem according to how those projects work and everything they have automated.

The actual content within the platform every day shines brighter due to its absence, and absolutely all healing communities, all they do is increase the level of garbage within the platform.

By the way. Thousands of communities full of curators, who only earn Steen basically for not creating content ... What remains a strange paradigm.

Since Steemit is supposed to be used to create content, and all these communities create duplicate content exclusively. Literally. But, of course, they are not penalized, because they are the ones who govern on the platform and finally.

Why not all curator communities are dedicated to generating content and articles of interest? About something? Instead of participating in what they do, win thanks to exclavizar to others. Nothing else.

That is not new, that has been the case since I started at Steemit and it is absolutely sad; But it is what there.

The curators are dedicated to being judges of the content, the curious thing is.

Who controls the content they generate, because in large part, it is pure garbage.

What content do communities heal? If in general, they are very un honest and rigorous with what they publish.

If the real and innovative content within the platform shines by its absence.

Because not all those curators are dedicated to generating quality content instead of living off their income and investments in other projects; within those who are dedicated to voting garbage. Introduction publications and drawings, in some cases of 15-year-old children. To say something, as an example. Although there are no quality content, they continue voting again and again, equally.

What matters is to win, without more.

It is a ridiculous hierarchy system. I think it's something absolutely obvious.

If they don't change it, it's because they do well like that. Being a closed circle where they are not interested in entering a greater number of participatory people.

The biggest problem of all is that people who really create content sooner or later get tired; And that moment has already arrived.

For that reason they have to continue inventing new communities. Because the participatory people have not been taken care of, they have been used; and there are fewer and fewer people who really generate content. content that does not talk about Steemit or a Steemit project.

What is very sad to say.

The result is what we are living now.

The communities and their curators remain and the rest of the participatory users leave. Promote. Free instant access to new people is closed.

And finally. It is a circle with no exit ... where everything is focused so that users who can see the content are scaled down.

The result. It is a platform between friends and people exclusively dedicated to the Steem cryptocurrency and little else..

That is what is favored from within the project and with the absolute permissibility of bots, trails and the shortening of the ability to publish.

Instead of suppressing bots they have suppressed people. What did we expect to happen?

The course to follow was clear from the latest changes and measures have never been taken to change course. Rather the complete opposite.. 🙄

02.12.2019 16:53