Wednesday, March Last, 2021

Welp, March is over now. This is going FAST. I guess I'll start rushing now to get seeds in the ground. I still need to plant painted mountain corn and whatever beans I'm going to grow, as well as more squash. When I was digging the pig fence trench, I put the soil on the old North hugel, which has sat unused due to me not having the soil to cover it. One leg is now covered, so I'll be planting squash there, where harvest will literally be to pick the fruits and toss em a few feet to the pigs. Nate doesn't work, remember?

Twoper eating lawn trimmings

Huddle buns eating lawn trimmings

I can't say I got anything done this morning besides feeding critters and watering seeds. Melissa and I are doing a lot of talking lately on doctrinal things in our church. We're going through a bit of a Reformation in our home, and we may be changing churches to match. God put it on Melissa's heart to look deeper into the Christian music industry, and on mine to reread the Westminster Confession of Faith. I haven't read it since maybe eighth grade, and my apologetics could definitely use some polishing.

On that front, yesterday was excellent at work. After publishing my daily post, I was able to find about three hours to dedicate to reading and got a whopping eighteen final pages of the first chapter read. That doesn't sound like a lot, but when the pages look like this...:


...jam packed with doctrine and scriptural proofs to back it up, that's a lot of reading. I did jump around and read a fair bit of the scriptures, but not everything. The way we're running tonight, I reckon we may have another good day like yesterday.

The last time I tried sitting and reading this book, it promptly put me to sleep, but I'm experimenting with kratom to help my focus levels and it's really been great so far. Focus is up, energy is up, aches and pains are down, so I'm going to be working with this plant medicine more moving forward.

I'm gonna call this a wrap for the evening, let's move on to the list. I like looking back at the list when I get home in the mornings and whittling away at it, but most of the big things are obviously saved for Saturdays.

Love from Texas

Nate 💚


  1. Wood chips and leaves to the pig pen.
  2. Pig house.
  3. Harvest stinging nettle roots
  4. Get vodka to tincture pine pollen
  5. Harvest blackberry roots
  6. Look into how to prepare and use stinging nettle and blackberry roots
  7. Dream up and build a pig gate
  8. Build a pig waterer
  9. Start thinking more about the lathe
  10. Run something on the printer. Something. Anything. Just run it.
  11. Rooting hormone.
  12. Plant pig squash
  13. Clear a place for painted mountain corn to plant after the Hopi blue comes up
  14. Assess rabbit poop situation
  15. Make another grow out cage. Somehow...
  16. Inventory and mark plum, mulberry, and goji plants that can be dug and shared with friends

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