The Dairy Game// Sunday Hiking On Margalla Hills

Hi Steemians!
Hope you all are fine and ALLAH may bless you all.
Today I just have a wonderful day and I think it would be awesome to share with you all.
Today I just had a plan for hiking because its Sunday and to make Sunday special hiking is the best plan to work on so I just contact will few of my friends early in the morning and share the plan with them and they agreed for that and the trail selected for today’s hike was trail 5 Margalla hills, Islamabad so we gather at the camping site at the start or trail 5 around 9 in the morning. For hiking it is best to start in morning because temperature is normal in morning other you sweat a lot which make you irritate.

About Margalla hills
It is part of Himalayan located in the north of Islamabad the capital of Pakistan. Margalla hills occupy the total area of 12,605 hectares. These hills are the part of Murree hills. Margalla hills are the combination of many valleys as well as high peaks. Here you can see 250-300 different type of plant species and the interesting thing about these plants is that many of them are used for their medicinal effects to cure and treat various disease and very few people know this fact because they do not put their intention toward this aspect. Other than plant you can see monkeys and exotic birds and if you are not the lucky on you may encounter pigs and rarely the leopard.

> Map of my complete hinking.

Beginning of Hiking
On the start of hike we make sure that we have sufficient amount of water and if you willing to hike I recommend you to make sure you have water with you otherwise you get dehydrated and it can put you in trouble. My companions are also good hikers which are Farooq Rajput, Hassan Raja, Abdullah pathan, Sharafat bugti, and some other friends. It was a really enjoying because we all are not just friends we fellows, colleagues and partners.


Reached at Baruti water spring
After walking 2.4km for 1 hour and 15 minutes we reach the Baruti water spring which is really peaceful place to is cooled water spring cover with trees. There is no hustle and bustle of city the only thing you find there is just peace of mind the perfect place to observe and feel nature. After taking rest for 15 minutes there we move forward toward the top and here starts that hard track to climb.
In the way toward top we find a group of monkeys and I was fun to see them after moving on we sing songs and also dance together which make the hiking more special because there you are alone with friend away from world feel no shy and we just dance without caring for anything and it is very rear when I do these type of things
> Baruti Water Spring

climbing on Big Rock
Climbing 2 km we reach the BIG ROCK on trial that is place which is a piece heaven I can’t explain the view from there in words it is just charming you can see the whole Islamabad it seems like you are standing in the sky.
There begin the argument that what next either to back down or to go further to Monal restaurant located on Pir Shawn road .Finally we come to decision then we will go further to Monal
> View from Big Rock

Towards Monal
To reach monal we have to walk for more 2.6km which will take around 2 hours and 30 minutes .but this is easy one because we just have to walk 850 meter through ups and down on rock through woods then we reach the Pir sohawa road and walking on road is much comfortable and what we do there was really childish we play football with dry pine on road till we reach Monal. What we found in between was roasted corn on the side of road and those were really taste.

Monal restaurant Islamabad
Monal restaurant is Located on Margalla hills 9km on Pir sohawa road. The charm of sunset the chirpings of crickets, breeze of leaves calling of birds returning home and the crimson sky under the shadow of hill gives you an unexplainable soft touch. We enjoy a lot there crack jokes until the GM of monal request us to be low others are getting disturbed because of our laughter. The food was really good especially the Pakistani platter I recommend you to choose it.
> Monal Resturant Isamabad

Around 4pm a we start our journey back through trail 3 it is harder to get down but it is just 3 km and take around 2 hour to get was now getting dark and we are again full energetic again after a great lunch and finally we reach back to the base around 6 pm there we site for some time share words with each other and I just return to my flat till 9pm. Returning back with memories is satisfactory.
I just spent another memorable day.

Thank you all for being with me.

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You have prepared this post. It is certainly commendable that you have told about the Margalla Hills and its distance and there are 250 plants in it. Some know best

18.04.2021 22:25

thank you @shabbir86 for your concern but there are not 250 plant there are 250-300 plant species

19.04.2021 14:46