My daily drawings ** portrait **-----Collection

Hello friends,
I'm going to share another collection of my old drawings with you, drawings that I did them daily in my daily drawing series and share them here.
When a person does a work, he is interested in doing that work or is compelled to do it, and if he is interested in doing it, that will get better. and he will be enjoy of watching the result. I also hope my drawings get better than the day before and you can see it in my drawings.:)
and photos of my collection that I will show you their first step and the last step here :)




One must always draw, draw with the eyes, when one cannot draw with a pencil.
Vincent Van Gogh:
In spite of everything I shall rise again: I will take up my pencil, which I have forsaken in my great discouragement, and I will go on with my drawing.

Thank you for being around my page
Have a great and happy day 🌹🍃💕 :)

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12.09.2019 11:50

thank you Xx

12.09.2019 19:48

These are some really beautiful portraits! Fantastic work, @napa! 😁

12.09.2019 13:50

thank you for your kind words @trincowski 😊 💖

12.09.2019 19:47