HELLO this is me!

Hey friends!! I thought it was about time for an introduction because to be honest, I’m a little shy when it comes to showing my face around here.
While I was growing up, as a left handed person I found it very difficult to use certain tools that I feel were simply not designed or as user friendly for left handed people. I remember I would get picked on for not being able to use scissors during craft lessons. Even when I used to write my exam, I had to keep the paper horizontally so that I could write comfortably and that would give the invigilator an impression that I was helping my partner copy! Which was again an inconvenience or even how in lecture halls the desk part of of the desk chair would always be on the right side and I would struggle to use it.

All of these things made me think deeply about making things user friendly , making things that cause delight, creating things that are intuitive and fun to use for whoever is supposed to use it and thats what I try to do in my everyday job. Thus began the journey of making things easy and convenient for people. I did at as a teacher to my students, I do that as a know-how manager right now, I try to do that in my personal life too.

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10.02.2020 17:33

Hello @naoletbmnesta, Welcome to the steemit platform!

10.02.2020 17:36

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10.02.2020 17:40

I was a teacher too hehe.

11.02.2020 09:57