A jolly companion, compasionate in nature,
friendship and brotherhood, those bonds nurture
The character and personality, towards other people;
May it be with closest friends or be with a lost soul.

We were perfect to choose at the start
those whom we want to save, and can save us in return;
Because we understand so well, that life is meaningful
Through building memories with others, and not by living alone.

Life is unpredictable however;
it rebels against our expectations
Sometimes the sweetest things become bitter
Sometimes the brightness of a pride makes us blind
Sometimes, the kindest person becomes our inner demon.

It pains my heart whenever I hear
that someone abused the right of others
By bringing the full trust of a friend into ruin
Which is supposed to be taken good care.

It pains my heart whenever I know
That a person considered to be a brother
Has a sudden change of heart towards his sworn sister;
Just because he came to know about the dark past of her.

For the very weakness of mankind is to quickly judge others
Not according to the laws but of what they perceived as true
They seemed to jump into the 'should be',
skipping the 'how and why' it happened in the first place.

We become fools when we start to think
That acts of evil things can be straightened
By covering it up with the sweetest lie;
For regrets will come at a time,
when we can do nothing but cry.

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Hahaha. Don't cry...

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I’m not. You are! Shot.

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