Part 1 The storyline of the movie snowden hackers who hack in the simplest way

hello steemit friends see you again with me @nandacoa man less work whose hobby is watching films this time I will discuss the Snowden Film film is a film based on a true story that happened between years 2004 to 2013 the film was directed by Oliver Stone

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This film tells the story of a young man named Edward Snowden that day was Monday Jun 3 2013 Edward Snowden meets two journalists Laura Dan Daniel snowden brought Laura and
Daniel to his apartment they did
meeting to reveal a data The world's most secretive goes on Snowden tells about his life story starting from 2004 when it was snowden entered the Military Academy he followed training like any other but there different from his physical snowden self not as strong as others when it comes down from bed snowden slipped and the doctor said fracture injury if Snowden can no longer follow Military Academy because of his leg injury after that
The doctor suggested that Snowden serve on the country in other ways and that night at a snowden dating site get acquainted with a named Lensi after her leg healed snowden trying to sign up for agency Ice as a programmer after many kinds of questions and tests fro Mr. Corbin Snowden was elected to be one of the 12 people will undergoing education at the hell academy receive snowden's instructions towards Virginia where The Help KYT Academy is at this is where Ailee's agency was forgedthat day Snowden and 11 others were ordereddesigning a network systemhidden communication within five hours of results Snowden completed onlywithin 38minutes of record timethe fastest in the history of the hellKorbin was very pleased with the results Snowden's performance went on to meet Snowdenthe lover happened to be in Virginia this Snowden and Lindsay's first meeting

Snowden and his girlfriend

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on the next day Snowden learned a lesson America's secret laws special secret laws for intelligence permitting intelligence keeps an eye on anyone based suspicion
back to Hong Kong in the year 2013 arrival at Snowden Apartments Senior guest journalist named Mr. makeskill
He asks for proof that Snowden is really a CAI Snowden agent showing all his passports and IDs then Snowden tells Mr. Makeskill that he will reveal himself to the public along with all the confidential data that is with him And this is all not just about money all purely because of Snowden's wish himself to show the world that the NSA has committed illegal actions to everyone after explaining everything is fun and handing over the SDCARD which contains the secret data to Mr. makeskill then Snowden shows a tracking system called X SKEYSCORE

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a search system that is able to track anyone only from their personal data then after that Snowden tells of his task in Geneva in 2007 under the diplomatic protection of the United Nations to maintain the CIA's computer security network means that Snowden must protect the computer network from hackers so to find out the weaknesses of the system Snowden needs to hack into the network itself to find out the loopholes of the system. But Snowden gets a warning from the leadership there for testing That's because Snowden has seen political elements of data that he shouldn't be allowed to she

_seen in a state of disappointment Snowden rushed to meet Charles He asked about the field assignment promised by Charles, when Snowden was destroying Gabriel's files, Gabriel came to him then Gabriel showed him a system called Xsycore this system can track anyone based on their name and personal data After it is time for Snowden and Lency field work attending the conglomerate's party the target was at the party a banker named Marwan after that with the help of Gabriel using Xscyscore they found all of Marwan's personal data including all of his family and people who had been in contact with him Gabriel began to look for mistakes Marwan had done but he very clean after that Gabriel looked for family mistakes
Marwan started with Marwan's sister-in-law.After that Marwan's daughter, Salma, who is 15 years old and has a lover named Nedin and Nedin, lives illegally with her Turkish mother and this is very helpful in suppressing Marwan after Marwan's weakness data is sent to Charles, Salma's lover is threatened with their further deportation. have a meeting with Marwan and offer help to make a passport for Salma's lover here Charles wants to trap Marwan to let Marwan drive while drunk until Marwan is arrested Charles will find it easier to control Marwan to do what he wants but here there is a conflict between Charles and Snowden Snowden's humanity rejected all of that because Marwan could have died while driving drunk but Charles instead threatened Snowden because Snowden had entered the e & p permit system that's when Snowden realized that there was no such thing as a true friend in Intelligence Yes there was only political advantage in vain anything could be sacrificed, including himself that night Snowden came home disappointed but in bed Lensi his girlfriend Snowden was waiting for him The next day Snowden decided to quit Cia which coincided with Barack Obama's victory in his election. and assigned to Japan here Snowden was in charge of making a non-stop backup system called the Epic shelter as well as tapping the Japanese state. It was not enough that after successfully entering the Japanese state communication system continued to embed a small program into power plants Dam hospitals and others the goal if someday Japan is no longer an ally, they can easily extinguish Japan in one click. The same thing is also planted in Mexico Germany Brazil Austria China Russia Iran and Venezuela are all under American control. g the same so that they can monitor the financial scandals of women state officials also Sual bribes so All government officials of other countries are fully monitored every scandal they find will be used when negotiating so that the Americans never get rejection all negotiations always run smoothly So actually what intelligence does is not about terrorism Everything is done only to control and control the economic and social issues of terrorism is only a mask


After that Snowden was assigned to monitor terrorism networks based on contact numbers the victims' phone and email after managed to track down one person then the system get all the data people ever connected with that person imagine with 40 contacts already get 2.5 million complete data people at the same time can monitor tracking and tapping is terrible imagine if you have can trace hundreds of millions of people that means inhabitants of the earth whose lives touch withtechnology has been monitored by America after that Snowden stopped total He just wants to live quietly with the license

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