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Hello my dear ones, I am Nancy Rojas, proudly Venezuelan and I am initiating my participation in this space, I feel very happy to have the privilege of belonging to this community and to be able to share some things with you, I hope  interaction is positive and enriching.

I am 49 years old, recently completed, and I have led a fairly quiet life, I can tell you that one of the things I enjoy most is reading, in fact my job is to read the information published on a news portal in my country, Venezuela, and correct possible gaps that always escape.

I have an 18-year-old son, his name is Kevin and he is a man, he is my pride and my inspiration to fight in life, although rebellious, like most of the boys his age, I can say that I thank God every day his presence in my life, which changed from the moment I knew of his existence.

In addition to reading, I have another hobby that I could define almost as an addiction, they are the television series, I am currently delighting in a great production that, as far as I have known, has a huge audience and an incredible diffusion in social networks , this is Game of Thrones.

I must admit that, contrary to what I had thought so far, it is really entertaining and interesting, and it seems to me that its scenes and characters, as well as the whole story, deserve all the praise I had heard at times when I was concentrating watching The Walking Dead and I refused to change it, because I felt I was betraying Rick (the protagonist) and his people, having spent so much time together!

As for reading, there are writers who have truly won my admiration and respect, whom I cannot fail to mention, and I do not say it because they are famous, or because their works have transcended in the world of literature, but because in My personal case, they have managed to transport me to worlds full of history, drama and a lot of magic.

When a book manages to catch you, and you don't want to reach the end because you feel that when you finish your life it will not make sense, it is an excellent work that is worth reading.

Among those authors that I am trying to mention, but the emotion has not left me, there is a man who carried the name of my country high, even becoming president of the Republic, it is Romulo Gallegos, a really illustrious Venezuelan and featured. But I am not going to write his biography here, since they easily get it on Wikipedia, although it is worth reading, as well as his works of course, I recommend Doña Bárbara, they will surely prove me right.

Well, but there are other writers who have also conquered me, ´ Gabriel García Márquez, for God's sake that man was a phenomenon! They don't know how much I enjoyed One Hundred Years of Solitude, Love in the Time of Cholera, Chronicle of an Announced Death, Among other books that made me live unforgettable moments.

I must also mention Isabel Allende, The House of Spirits, as well as Paula, which was the first book of this author that came to my hands, because they gave me a gift exchange in the office, here we call it a game of “ Secret friend ”, I can tell you without any pain that I suffered and cried with this story.

Well, for now I will not continue listing my readings, since I am not an expert in the field, I only speak as a person who enjoys books, as surely there will be many in this group.

I say goodbye, because I should be sleeping, I hope to be here again soon and that we have impressions to exchange, they are loved and it is a pleasure for me to know them through their writings.

Happy and blessed day to all my Steemit friends ...


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Welcome to steemit, Nancy. Have a nice day.

26.08.2019 02:42

Thanks you

26.08.2019 02:43