My Actifit Report Card: August 19 2019

Hello my friends!

Hoping you have a great Monday.

Today I ate this snack, which is one my favorites. And it can also be a great pre-workout meal. It is just some oatmeal, almond or coconut milk, berries and you can also add some cinnamon powder, cacao powder and stevia. It is really delicious!!

Today I trained butt, and I just try some hydro massage after my workout and it is one my favorite moments because I can relax and read at the same time. I almost finish this book. Which one do you recommend me? I enjoy to read novels, thrillers, suspens, and motivational books.

Finally I could see the movie “The farewell”, it is beautiful with a great message, and you can see how other cultures see the death. Did you see some new movie this weekend?

Here it is my today’s report. See you tomorrow my friends :))

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