Strengthening the Belief Muscles

Why Believe?

Often we hear that our beliefs make us what we are. There are enough references to the same in almost every single Holy book on the planet. There is also science that indicates the ability of the mind to bend matter. Lastly, those that are spiritually inclined yet not religious have the Law of Attraction, which also underlines the strength of beliefs. So, whether you are religious, scientific, or atheist, you have enough, and more wisdom passed on to you in a language you understand, in a manner you prefer and yet….

You do not believe. Nor do you give importance to belief.

The issue here is not that you do not believe but that you believe in your misery more than your abundance. You are so sold on the misery that you believe that it is the truth of life; not only the truth but the reality of life. When you believe that your misery is the reality of life, you also believe that good things are reserved for a few people. Those few people are the ones that you call the rich and the famous. And then you feel cheated because other people drowned in misery tell you that the “rich and the famous” are rich because of stealing what was due to you. With these beliefs, you further detest the rich people. You then detest being rich, and finally, without even knowing, you detest an abundant future for yourself.


What? I bet you didn’t get the last part, did you?


Detesting People Having What You Want Means Detesting Your Want!

Read the header of this section once again till it sinks in. The Law of Attraction (LoA) states that like attracts like. So, whatever you feel and think, you will be attracting more of that. If you want money but detest rich people, you will attract more of the “detest” emotion in your life. You will find more and more reasons to detest rich people. As such, you will start detesting being rich. And what does that do? That ensures that you remain in poverty and misery. So, the mere “wanting to be rich” statement is not going to cut ice when the actual feeling in your heart is that of detest for richness. Do you follow?

That also brings us to the next point. It is not the mere statement of wanting to be rich that takes you to your desire but the feeling associated with it. If you feel contempt and anger towards rich people, all you are projecting to God or the universe is that you do not want to be rich because rich is bad, horrible, and unkind. And as per your asking, you will get more of the good, loving, and kind poverty. See the fallacy in that statement?

But here is the good news. Much like anything that can be changed within you, even this “misery and poverty” consciousness can be changed. How?

Let’s find out.


Strengthening the Belief Muscle

If you have noticed how your body works, you would know that the used muscles often tend to grow stronger. The closest example of this is when you join a gym or start physical training of whatever form. Remember, you are unable to lift weights that few of the pros in the gym are lifting. But as you start exercising, you become stronger. You can lift not only more weight but sustain with the exercises longer. Your physical activity strengthens your muscles and internal organs like the lungs, abdominals, heart, and other vital organs. It does take some time to happen, but it happens for sure.

The same goes for belief muscles. Now, there are no muscles as such, but neural pathways in the brain. With us believing in poverty and misery, the neural muscle corresponding to poverty is strong in our brain. So, if we want to undo that, we need to form new neural pathways. And as we stay focused on this new thought (of being rich), the neural pathway becomes stronger until you are clearly convinced that you are rich. And guess what, as an added benefit, the LoA brings you more circumstances to make you believe that you are indeed rich.

The last part is similar to your physical activities. You exercise to strengthen your physical muscles, but that does wonders to your lungs, hearts, and other vital organs as well. Similarly, you work on improving your beliefs towards a particular aspect (being rich, in this case), and that does wonders to your future because the LoA will bring you more of that aspect. So, that’s the simple idea.

How do you go about it?


How Do We Work on Our Beliefs?

There are only two ways, really. One is to get rid of the old ways of thinking, or two, get new thoughts and stay focused on them. The first method is similar to breaking old walls and building new ones. On the other hand, the second method is to leave the old place of residence and choose a new one. I hope you see the difference.

Both the ways of doing it are effective and contribute towards building a stronger neural pathway for the future that you desire. The thing is that many times, you may have to do both. If you are focused on looking at yourself as being rich, you may encounter thoughts like “that’s not true”, “you don’t have money in your pocket, and you think you are rich,” and similar other thoughts. So, while you maneuver back to the thoughts of being rich, you may want to let go (or break down) the old thoughts too. You may counter those objections with positive affirmations. So, you may say, “not having money in my pocket was in the past, but now, I am rich”. Get the sense? While staying positive and moving on to a new thought process, you still may have to take down few old walls.

Also, in all of the positive statements that you frame, ensure that you have some feelings around them. Now, the first-timers may wonder, how do I feel rich? Good question, but instead ask what would you do if you had the money that you wanted. Would you buy a car, house, bike, luxuries of life or help a friend, charity, or whatever you think is appropriate. Then feel how you would feel inside your new car or new house. Realize that in doing so, you are, in fact, becoming what you want. And that’s the secret to attract or get what you want. The good part about this is, you are not really comparing with your old beliefs. As such, you will find less resistance, therefore. But do it for at least 21-days. Why?

Understand that your old beliefs of poverty and misery have become a habit for you. Building a new habit takes 21-days, and therefore, for your new thoughts to build new neural pathways. As the thoughts take root, they become beliefs, and deep beliefs become your habit. That’s how you strengthen your belief muscles. So, being rich is an exercise of 21-days! In the end, you will have stronger “rich” muscles to aid your thinking.


Becoming a Stronger You!

The changing of belief system is dependant on your perseverance in holding on to the new thought process. That too, just for 21-days. As you do, remember, you are strengthening your belief muscles to the extent of going on auto-pilot with the new thought system.

Much like any of your body muscles, you need to exercise to strengthen your belief system. It does work and does wonders to us. I am sure no one will dislike a stronger version of ourselves. So, what are you waiting for? Get going with your belief system-building process!


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