Photography: Daytime Long Exposures in Barcelona


One of my favourite places in Barcelona was a store known as fnac. The store was huge, several storeys high building with essentially a bit of everything in it. A great place to waste an hour or so just roaming around like a good consumer.

Near the books, however, was a huge window that overlooked a very busy crossing in the city. I liked how it looked, and the potential it has for creating awesome long exposures of the city's incredibly busy nature in terms of both pedestrians and cars.


I wasn't properly equipped that day, though. Holding just a Sony a7 II with a Sony FE 85mm 1.8 lens. I didn't even have a tripod, so these are shot with steady hands and a few disaster attempts. Given the brightness, I lowered the ISO and increased the f stop alongside a lengthier shutter speed to ensure there'd be no overexposure.


Given the lack of a tripod, these aren't that bad at all. I still successfully managed to capture the chaotic nature of the city, particularly in such a busy area close to Las Ramblas. Though, I'd happily return to try again, especially under different light conditions. I feel around the sunset as the lights begin to turn on would hold some amazing potential.

These images remain unedited, though I feel editing might ruin them.

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Congratulations and keep up the great work!

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