Back on February 28th, 2019 I made my first Bitcoin purchase ever.

The site I was buying from is called Xcoins. At the time the maximum I could purchase at once was $100 worth of BTC.

I had $80 extra so I purchased that much.

Just went back and did the math on my first purchase. Today that $80 worth of this Bitcoin is worth $264, at the time I am writing this. My original purchase is 3.3 X what it was worth on Feb 2019. It will be worth many times more than 3.3 one day soon.

I am not a smart investor.

Xcoins allows BTC to be purchased with PayPal from other users at the website.

Xcoins also allows BTC to be sold (Xcoins calls it a loan but it is a full sale). Because it is called a "loan" it sells with interest.

Once an employee from Xcoins told me "10% is the best interest you will ever get". Something must have changed because there have been times......I really didn't want to sell any unless the price was right so I put some for sale at 19% or 20% interest.

The buyer pays upfront all interest and fees.

My thinking was "if I could get 20% on a sale it wouldn't hurt so much to part with the BTC I have accumulated". On the flip side of the "COIN" (sorry couldn't resist), the thought was "if 20% discourages someone that's great because I am not twisting their arm and there are lots of sellers out there".

If I sold that same 0.02072979 BTC ($80 worth today) I would receive the $264 PLUS an additional $52.80 in interest on the transaction.

Why am I writing this? Personally, I think BTC is going a whole lot higher.

If you don't own any right now. What would happen if you invested $25 or $50?
Worse case the market could crash and you could lose the money, right?

2nd case it could neither get worth more or less and just stay put. If that happened you could take it out and get the money back.

3rd it could rocket higher and your initial investment could turn into a 3X, 10X or 100X what you put in.

4th you could do absolutely nothing and be crying when it hit 100,000 saying "If only".

Not trying to talk you into investing OR even worse investing foolishly but I think BTC is going to rocket soon. If it passes the resistance at 13K it is going to take off.

Many have invested already and I know the big drop in 2018 scared people. I also realize that many have been waiting patiently this last year for it to come back.

Big institutions are buying, Whole countries are buying (Russia and China), ATMs are being re-vamped to accept and sell BTC.



Couple of referral codes for Xcoins.

So PS....now bitcoin is up to 13057 (13257 on xcoins). That is $557 than before. How long are you gonna sit on the sidelines and watch this happen?? Do you have $25 to invest.....how about $10?? Do you have $5 to invest and make money on??? Well do ya???Okay do you have $1 that could turn into $100 one day??

Not trying to sell the Xcoins website but the links make it easier if you are interested in opening a free account. There are many different websites to buy/sell, even phone apps.

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10.07.2019 00:45

Sadly, I have only 0.012 BTC left, couldn't help spending it (on silver bullion).
Other than Steem and a plurality of related tokens;
I still have 4 LTC
107k Dogecoin
A bit of BCC, LCC, Stellar.

10.07.2019 06:06

At least you have some
That you can enjoy the fun
And watch the fireworks

10.07.2019 11:56

And still haven't paid a red cent on any of it.

10.07.2019 15:12

What other color cents do you have?

10.07.2019 23:09


11.07.2019 22:21

well hello the mr @thejollyroger I like your gif

11.07.2019 23:08

Greeting sir! Thanks for being you! Y'aaarrrrrrr

11.07.2019 23:47

Thank you my friend!!! Thank you for the encouragement and for stopping by. You are always welcome.

12.07.2019 00:05

LOL flip coin LOL :P
Great post hun LOL :D and dont forget: if and when you get your ''''flip coin'' ;) and you sit on it.. for ages.. THEN what will it be worth?? i mean lets take a looksy at the begining -July 2010 $0.008–$0.08 Price skyrocketed by 900% in five days. ;) nooow lets suck a bit on that specific cookie :P

10.07.2019 09:48

You are absolutetly right. As an invester there are times that investments (stocks) will flatline or drop and one has to be prepared to either get out or wait for something new to happen. That is why I suggest $25-$50. It is an amount that most can afford. It is an amount that most could afford to lose if the product did not perform as expected. Fortunately BTC is only up 220% right now for the year. With any investment there are risks and an invester should know that nothing in life is guaranteed.

Thanks so much for the compliment!!

10.07.2019 11:45

i've only bought through coinbase - but this is a cool concept - to buy from other users!

next paycheck... i need to get a little :)

11.07.2019 18:45

Get a little so we can be bitcoin buddies. Then we can obsess over it together. I can send you some when you are ready.

11.07.2019 19:14

Technically I have some

It's just like 0.06 worth

😂😂😂😂😂 Cuz I always convert it to steem! Hahaha

(Should have left it btc... Would have been worth a lot more! Lol)

11.07.2019 19:19

$694 isnt bad!!

11.07.2019 19:24