Neil Armstrong walks on the MOON!! 50 years ago and other events.

image By NASA

Was talking with that sweetheart Snook today and she made reference to someone we all know and love being in his 40's.

I thought about it for a second and realized "Hey I am in my 40's........for 4 more days".

Yuppers I was born on the day that a cocky test pilot turned astronaut named Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. July 20, 1969

I have had it explained to me both ways.
Some have said it went like this: person 1 "Hey did you hear Neil Armstrong just walked on the moon?"
person 2 "Who cares, Naltedtirt was just born!"

While others have it switched around saying "who cares he was born Neil Armstrong just walked on the moon!"

Yes, sir and ma'am, I am coming up on 50 years, half a century, old enough to know better, act like I am 14 half the time, know just enough about things to be a little dangerous to myself or

Growing up I had 3 sets of grandparents. My mom's biological parents, the people that raised her and my dad's parents.
The people that raised my mom were grandparents to me and my "grandfather" had the exact birthday as myself (except the year was a lot different). That was always special for him and for me.

I remember once when I was 4, my grandpa told me not to do something and I did it anyway. He said he was going to spank me and I ran out the door and hid behind a woodpile. He pretended to hunt for me but did not find me. I waited behind the woodpile for 10 minutes or so then returned to the house as if nothing had happened. My grandpa did not spank me.

My grandpa told me a story about the first automobile he ever saw. He said he was walking down a country road and all of a sudden a car came around the corner. My grandpa was so scared he jumped a fence, tore his pants and climbed a tree.

Once (around that same time period in my life I got in trouble at my father's parents house. My mom and dad were both there. My Grandma seeing that I was in trouble said: "run to granny, run to granny!"

So I ran to her. She knew my parents wouldn't rip me out of her arms. They didn't.

The time came to go home and it was all smiles...until I got in the car.

My mom and dad took turns beating on me the whole way home. lol

Needless to say I never "ran to granny" again.


ot a big Toby Keith fan but this song kept playing in my head. No, I did not write it. I am using it in this fun post. Never watched the video before until today.


funny thing happened today. I went to the store and got a few items including a 6 pack of my favorite wheat beer. I put the bags in my car and pushed the small carts to one of those "corral" areas.

I could have left a bag underneath but I don't remember seeing one.

Drove home. The way I drive it was only an 8-minute drive.

I started carrying the groceries in. No Beer.

Drove back to the grocery store.

The cashier said, "Did I overcharge you for something?" I said, "I didn't get my beer" as I clutched my receipt. She said to me, "go get some more if you want. Which bagger was it"

The kid that had been bagging groceries ran out the door and across the parking lot. He ran like a bear was after him. He went to a white car and opened the door. I walked out of the store to see what he was doing. My son was with me and said "daddy he has it he has it!!

The kid came carrying the wheat beer I enjoy so much across the parking lot and handed it to me saying "you forgot it in the bottom of your cart".

I teased the lad and said, "you were going to drink my beer weren't you?"

The boy replied, "what kind is that?"
I said, "it's a wheat beer."
He said, "well I don't like that kind".

I was glad to get it back but was curious why it was on the seat of his car and not back in the store where it should have been. lol

Once again not a big Toby Keith fan but I do like this song also and since I am talking about beer here is another bar song.

If you shut your eyes and listen to it it might make you think he is singing about some of your friends here at Steemit or on Discord.

Gonna conclude the rambling. "It's my party I can try if I want to" lol
Thanks, friends. Thank you for being here.


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Know that first song pretty well.

Happy birthday brother.

& PS.

This part of history they kinda left out, so don't worry about Neil, he's still having nightmares about having to pick the lock on that damn tin can!

16.07.2019 00:46

LOL I should have put...For those of you that believed it really happened. lol

16.07.2019 00:50


Well said!

16.07.2019 00:51

Thank you my friend.

16.07.2019 01:06

& the gift of a lifetime is a good ol' sincere laugh!

Watch the first commercial!

16.07.2019 14:09

Had to watch them all!! ROTFL

16.07.2019 16:28

Love the last video and the story about your beer is priceless :D

Happy early Birthday!!!

16.07.2019 00:48

You have the prettiest Avatars!! Thanks much!

16.07.2019 00:50

Whew! Made the cut 😁 barely! Lolol

Hubby was born exactly 2 days before you!!! He will have to tell you how the next half century I'd on Friday hehehe

Happy birthday πŸŽ‚ loved all the stories!


16.07.2019 01:01

There were no Zombies or Demons so I saved the best for last. You are a bright spot in the day!!

16.07.2019 01:06


16.07.2019 01:07

Dreemy celeb appearance!

16.07.2019 02:24

Lololol crazy lovely lady 😍

16.07.2019 07:15

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16.07.2019 01:01

Thank you!! I am gonna go have a listen.

16.07.2019 01:35

Was born in July
Eyes were on the moon landing
Neil the space man walked

16.07.2019 01:27

Was born in July
Eyes were on the moon landing
Neil the space man walked

                 - naltedtirt

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

16.07.2019 01:27

I am naltedtirt
I detect Bots

16.07.2019 01:28

Nobody messes with grandma, do they?

Maybe that kid had one of those refrigerautos. You know, those cars that become fridges when you're not in them?

16.07.2019 01:37

Not sure the employee handbook says anything about stashing groceries in you your car.

Are you talking about a transformer type car that is a car but when the battle starts turns into a fridge full of beer so the other tranformers can have a drink after the battle.

16.07.2019 02:06

Interesting. I hadn't considered a transformer. That adds a whole new element to this story.

But it's quite clear, this kid was stealing your beer.

16.07.2019 02:32

The young bagging lad was wearing a pin that read "RID" which I am guessing means: ROBOTS IN DISGUISE.

16.07.2019 02:47

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16.07.2019 01:46

Why thank you mr Jolly. I can always count on you to stop by.

16.07.2019 02:07

Why thank you mr
Jolly. I can always count
On you to stop by.

                 - naltedtirt

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

16.07.2019 02:07

Again you stopped by
Thank you much for the support
You are the best bot

16.07.2019 02:10

Ha ha! Happy Birthday hombre! Good thing that boy doesn't like wheat beerπŸ˜‚πŸ€£

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16.07.2019 01:48

I am suprised it wasn't a 3 pack when I got it 8 minutes later lol.

16.07.2019 02:02

Tonight I hit the Haiku jackpot!!

16.07.2019 02:20


But I am younger than you! 😍

July 20 babies rock!

16.07.2019 02:23

We rock!! I have heard July 20 babies are the coolest.

If you are any indication it's true.

16.07.2019 02:25

Happy Birthday!!! πŸŽ‚

20.07.2019 06:11

Happy birthday to you!!!

20.07.2019 15:22
16.07.2019 02:33

What a colorful response!! Thank you Sir!!

16.07.2019 02:48

Happy Birthday and welcome to 50... I was an April baby.

16.07.2019 02:40

You are a diamond birthstone!! That's a good one.

16.07.2019 02:49

yes, it's just a pity that I can't afford to wear them... but a girl can always dream can't she?

16.07.2019 04:53

They say "diamonds are a girls best friend"

16.07.2019 05:06

"I choose coffee, dogs, peace and love" I like that!!

16.07.2019 02:50

Happy Birthday 🍻
The wonderful thing about hitting these big numbers is the stories that come with it and I loved your stories

Yes it is your birthday and I am throwing a Stevie at you

Wishing you an amazing one 😊

*PS: You threw me off with your fiction tag. But perhaps because of that Armstrong character πŸ˜‰

16.07.2019 02:52

It all is true. I got up to go to the fridge while it was posting and the fiction tag must have been entered in my absence. πŸ€”

16.07.2019 03:03

Wonder how that happened?
Perhaps you were typing FreeWrite and it did an autocorrect on you ;p

16.07.2019 10:15

I can honestly say....i have never hadva Stevie thrown at me before thank you.

16.07.2019 03:05

Hey, it's your 50th!!!
Gotta do something special :D

16.07.2019 10:17

The fiction tag could have been put there to appease the flat Earth readers. Ha

16.07.2019 03:05

Now, that makes sense ;p

16.07.2019 10:16


16.07.2019 04:07

You are so sweet thank you!!

16.07.2019 05:02

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Wowzers @veryspider you are awesome and a true blessing

16.07.2019 05:04

So Toby Keith loves the bar but likes his girlfriend. He could take his girlfriend to the bar then. Enjoying a locally made cold crisp Apple cider when I posted this comment.

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16.07.2019 06:42

17.07.2019 16:16

Wow thank you!!!

17.07.2019 18:19

22.07.2019 10:56