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I have had this little baby for several months now.

It came to me brand new in box. The top part above the plastic grips had an 8 inch piece chopped out of the metal tube, so it could be imported into the US.

It is a Steyr MP69 and was made in Austria in the 1960s. There is a 32 round magazine with it and it should fire 550 rounds of 9mm parabellum a minute.

There is a newer model that was made in 1981 is the MP81 lol.

The only difference in the 2 models is that the 69 model is cocked (activated) with the front sling strap where as the newer model had an actual cocking handle installed.

I am thinking it should be easier to convert this 69 into the newer look.

It was made in the style of an Uzi but never had the same popularity. It uses the sane type of sliding wire shoulder stock that Uzi does.

The MP69 has the European style magazine release on the bottom of the magwell.

I like it better than the Uzi. It is better balanced, lighter and I like that it is Austrian made. Having the Steyr name is cool.

Historically this was carried by troops in : Argentina, Austria, Greece, Saudi Arabia and Tunisia.

Will be a good dust collector in my closet.


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