This American drama! It's not enough to just finish brushing in one breath

"Rick and Morty", an animated series with an ending score of full marks, is arguably a crowd favorite.

Super science partner

Its bizarre plot, hit-and-shoot drama, and occasional moments of tenderness make those who have watched it want to stop, and the official updates 70 episodes at once.

However, with the speed at which the creators updated ten episodes every two years and the response from screenwriter Ryan Ridley "If the fourth season was in 2019, I would be surprised myself", "Rick and Morty" could be considered a live series. Ride.

While waiting for the return of "Rick and Morty", I stumbled across another animated series with the same sci-fi theme and the same incredible brain- "Super Science Companion".

Super science partner

Only 886 people marked this animation in Douban, which is very unpopular, but most of the comments from people who have seen it are "brain hole praise", "too dense rod", "hahaha fan god", so its Douban Score. Scored 9 points.

Although the animation premiered in 2015, the fifth episode of the series only premiered in mid-May this year.

Five episodes in three years, yes, this is another interesting hole.

But production is slow not because the main makers are too slow, but because they are short of money, very, very short.

Super science partner

"Super Science Partners" produced by TINMAN Animation Studio Canada. Sources for this project mainly come from crowdfunding.

Super science partner

"Super Science Partners" crowdfunding page

In 2014, TINMAN started crowdfunding for the first episode of the animation project "Super Science Partners" on the Kick Starter website, and since then several crowdfunding efforts have been undertaken. Some for new episodes, and some because the last crowdfunding failed, so try posting again, the behind the scenes team is also very resilient.

For those who are interested in the "Super Science Buddies" series, many times they don't discuss the plot, but "Oh, I'm so worried, will this new episode of crowdfunding work" ...

Pretty strict post bar discussion

Although this animation production process is full of hardships and poverty, but holds on to the belief that no matter what is bad, it cannot be produced badly, and as difficult as it may be for the audience, "Super Science Partner" is a class production both on the plot and in. screen. After production and broadcasting, he also won numerous awards such as the Audience Choice Award from the Toronto International Animation Festival and Best Animation of the New York Science Fiction Film Festival.

Super science partner

Super science partner

At the same time, because it was well received by many viewers after the broadcast, the team also produced related mini games. From the skills and special effects of the characters in the game, you can see the painting style is very beautiful, and the team is very thorough in the production.

Super science partner

The plot of "Super Science Partners" mainly tells the story of British Prime Minister Churchill during World War II to fight the Nazis and solve various crises in the world. He used a time machine to assemble the strongest science team in history.

The main member of the team is the king of electricity Nikola Tesla, the main skill is self-awakening. Historically, Tesla was an important promoter of the commercialization of electric power. He designed a modern AC power system. It is said that he has more than 700 patents and is known as "the man who created the 21st century".

Super science partner

The witch Tapti, the first chemist, her specialty was using perfume on men's minds. However, we can only find information about Tapti in the Babylonian Code of Hammurabi. According to classical records, Taputi was the first perfumer in human history, and his status in the perfume world is comparable to Luban in the carpentry world.

Variety Darwin, author of "The Origin of Species", his main specialty was transforming into various forms of creatures. Darwin's greatest achievement in science was undoubtedly the revision of biological evolution.

Madame Radium Curie, the radiation can destroy everything. Madame Curie in the real world is the first person in the world to win the Nobel Prize twice.

Psychologist Sigmund Freud, he can control people's sexual thoughts. In real history, Freud has put forward many bold theories. For example, the Oedipus complex is a human psychological psychological complex. Children have sexual awareness and motivation. Therefore, when the animated short introduces Freud's skills, he controls a For mother and child, let them commit incest in public.

Super science partner

The final member is a 14 year old immobile Einstein clone, whose craft is fast. Everyone knows that Einstein put forward the theory of relativity, but in fact Einstein was thinking about "what phenomena will be seen when a person moves at the speed of light" when he was young, so that the special effects he has in the animation are very in accordance with the character of the picture.

Super science partner

With a super skilled science team, Hitler looks so small that there is no main story about Hitler in the main episode of the animation.

It's just a special Christmas moment that Churchill and company take a trip to Hitler's childhood. Churchill dressed as Santa Claus and slipped into the room. When Hitler looked at Santa Claus with hopeful eyes, Churchill sent out multiple shots ...

Super science partner

The animation is so bloody, interested friends can watch the Christmas special

Even Hitler can only be a villain in a special film, so you must be wondering who the big boss in the film is? What crisis is developing?

In fact, it's enough to keep your eyes open from the first episode. The first problem they faced was someone intentionally Apple. Only left in England ...

Another crisis episode begins with Einstein peeing ...

Super science partner

As silly as it may sound, every episode is lurking.

For example, the apple in the first episode was destroyed because an apple hit Newton, which illustrates Newton's theory of universal gravity, which laid the groundwork for the development of modern physics. Therefore, the Soviet space giants decided to eliminate all apples and withdraw from Western civilization.

Super science partner

Newton under the apple tree

Einstein's bed-wetting episode focuses on Freud's theory of dream analysis. As Freud wandered into dream analysis to uncover the various symptoms of neurosis, the entire episode in space was like a dream.

At the same time, this episode also features the psychologist Jung who falls in love with Freud.

Jung was originally a student of Freud, and developed the development of psychoanalysis together, but due to differences of opinion, Jung and Freud separated. He's theorizing personality. For business, this episode Freud and Jung also launched a special effect academic debate in the arena.

Super science partner

Super science partner

Apart from Freud and Jung, there were also episodes devoted to the complaints between Tesla and Edison.

Tesla was an employee of Edison and made many discoveries under Edison. But after Tesla finished his job, when he asked Edison's permission for the promised bonus, Edison only used "You don't understand American humor" to insult him, which made Tesla angrily resign.

At the same time, Tesla admired alternating current, Edison admired direct current, the two people also had different ideas, but Tesla finally won in the current war. In the animation, the damage relationship is more direct, with Tesla immediately accusing Edison of claiming his patent rights, and excessive fighting in the streets.

Generally, drama or animation is buried in the plot, but "Super Science Companion" is a plot woven entirely with stalks.

I'm afraid everyone won't get all the contents of the episode. This animation also has an annotated version. An annotation box will appear every three to five seconds. Almost every sentence.

Super science partner

What about physics formulas?

Although there are only five episodes in the main episode, the production team has made lots of little additions, such as Madame Curie's element class, ten reasons why Tesla hooked up Edison, and others. It is highly recommended for everyone to watch it. Interesting and knowledgeable, All episodes are endless excitement!

Super science partner

Super science friend's last dinner

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