Ant-Man 2: The Wasp Girl shows up or talks about feelings

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Ant-Man 2: The Wasp appeared

Hmm, I like the premiere. Especially the feeling of watching the highlights at the premiere.

Classic moment: When Scott entered the quantum realm to obtain energy, he encountered Thanos and randomly destroyed the universe. What's more, he turned the Ant-Man family out of the quantum tunnel to ashes. For the reason of ashes, please refer to the end of Complex 3). This is really the bad luck of life. Random can randomly destroy 3 people outside. Scott, if you don't go to hell, who goes to hell. . . ^_^ This Poscott is probably going to be upgraded in the quantum world. (Similar to the quantum domain upgrade of the original Wasp) After all, he has been to hell twice.

Well, the nonsense ends and returns to the film review mode. Ant-Man 2 did not take the back of 1, but the end of U.S. Team 3. After the U.S. team made an appointment with Iron Man at the airport, the FBI caught Scott. This is a funny wave. Well, anyway, Marvel's plot is so unreasonable. Don't complain about unreasonable things.

American Marvel blockbuster movies are very focused:

1. Ant-Man's tool series is much stronger than before. It may be that I saw the idea of ​​the Dragon Ball series Bulma Universal Capsule Company, so Dr. Hank Pim directly used the zoom function for all household items. This is awesome, I like it. No wonder the good and bad people in the whole plot are rushing to ask for these props. (It’s portable enough to carry with you a research room, a villa, more than 20 luxury cars and sports cars, everything you need. Is there a small nuclear power station inside? All the buildings can be used directly when they are thrown out and become bigger. The water doesn’t need to be connected to the grid water pipe... The thief is so powerful) And the Ant-Man series of props can not only control the size, but also control the power and quality. It is beyond physical properties. Iron Man's series of suits are only the physical aspect of anti-beating, high-energy explosion resistance, and at most they add nanotechnology. No wonder the big villains in Ant-Man 2 say: Now only the quantum field is a promising new technology. No wonder Iron Man can't beat Ant-Man in the United States. Neither is a level opponent.

2. The plot is still quite simple, that is, 4 lines, a battle of wits and courage between the good and evil of the institute. The second is the Wasp to save her mother. The third is to bring out a ghost caused by quantum imbalance, leading to the villain hero Ava of SHIELD . The fourth is Scott's family story line. According to common sense, the Wasp will eventually enter Scott's life. It’s not right that Cisco is special, but the Ant-Man family are scientists. So, Scott can only enter the quantum world to upgrade. Otherwise, the door is wrong.

3. The other storylines are standard American blockbusters. We buy tickets for watching special effects. The plot is destined to not have many twists and turns. The fighting scene is very refreshing. The actor's teammates are a group of happy little twists with a little bit of amusement. No wonder his company is facing bankruptcy. Well, the most important thing is to watch the easter eggs. The easter eggs of Ant-Man 2 are very humane and come out soon after the filming. It’s so much better for Bitma’s Thor 3 until the subtitles are finished. Then the destruction of Ant-Man and Thanos in the egg is involved. When watching the movie, please pay attention to the words the Wasp’s mother said to her husband. She has changed and upgraded in the 30 years of quantum realm. To be precise, it is no longer before. That's her (yes, there is a pair of wings less than when she went in, but an extra long knife.). But returning to this world, he was destroyed by Thanos and turned into ashes (Does this mean that this destruction will decompose people at the quantum level? Just like the destruction of the phoenix in XMAN is also based on the decomposition of the quantum level.) That ant-man quantum Can technology be understood as reorganizing and constructing decomposed people with quantum technology? People who are decomposed by Thanos are not dead, they are simply decomposed at the quantum level and trapped in a quantum-level world. Consciousness is mixed with the broken down people in the world. So can Scott succeed in being upgraded like the mother of the Wasp in the quantum world, and then saving mankind and the entire universe is to take on the storyline of the subsequent Avengers 4? ? ? This is a bit against the sky.

Okay, the Marvel blockbuster "Ant-Man 2: The Wasp Appears" movie review ends here

Film critic egg, this movie title is too one-sided. This wasp played soy sauce all over the scene. The core plot feels to pave the way for Scott to become bigger and smaller and then upgrade. . . Is it Avengers 4, Ant-Man is about to become the protagonist?

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