Advice to aspiring writers on Steemit


I used to think writing gave power and notoriety; the use of words can inspire a generation that may not even exist yet. The misconception of being the creator as a writer plagues the inexperienced – each piece of text is an outcome of other people’s experiences: the power of good writing comes from those with interesting stories of life, of the likes that very few others can say they have witnessed or experienced. The life of a writer is an enigma – an existence forged by the thirst for cultural knowledge regarding the past, present, and future. Having this mindset is essential in the forever-growing progression of a writer.

Writers are just the antenna in a world of information.

Even in journalism, writers are simply the receivers of data; we consume and further distribute, in a similar fashion to Bitcoin nodes. Understanding the importance of being the distributor of information can change the way you write; the words you use; the structure of text; the very way your writing reads.

In fiction, the best stories come from those who observe.

Every narrative, character, and scenario is an extension of someone else’s reality. Fantasy and reality collide in literature. Writing is similar to procedural generation: it is almost randomised but follows very strict rules which act as pillars of support. Questioning the actions and thoughts of characters can lead to the creation of a web; a ripple of possible outcomes and strong, interesting developments in narrative.

Your brain is a computer, sometimes it will feel like it is crashing.

Every writer at some point experiences writer's block, it is unavoidable, yet not inescapable. If you're struggling to piece together the right words, the best scenarios, and so forth: take a break. Go for a run, watch a movie, read the works of another. Clear your mind and the productivity will once again flow.

Lastly, stop making clickbait pieces.

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