Hello Steem-World, Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Some of you may already know me from touch.tube where I have been active for more than a year, posting videos of men and women doing naked yoga poses in beautiful natural surroundings.

The man in those videos is me (yes, pleased to meet you too), the women are passionate yoginis I met along the way who appreciated my work and were kind enough to join me in my creative ventures.

Now I have decided that moving forward I will mostly post images and videos of myself for everyone who appreciates the naked male anatomy. There are already enough images and videos of naked women around so my posts are an attempt to add a bit of diversity. Every once in a while I may also post images of duo shoots.

Anyway, I hope you are going to enjoy by contributions and feel free to leave a comment.

P.s. I don't self-vote so you will have to vote for me :P


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Welcome to Steem-World @nakedyoga....

31.10.2019 15:43

Thank you darling, nice to see you here as well :*

31.10.2019 23:15

Welcome to Vit.global!.. It's great to see you here:)

31.10.2019 17:49

It's great to be here :)

31.10.2019 23:14

I'm glad you like it:)

02.11.2019 12:59

Heey! nice to see your amazing photos on the tribe. Excellent!

31.10.2019 17:54

Yeah, I was strongarmed into joining by @redrum and @grdygoddessmegan ;)

31.10.2019 23:14

cant believe youre here...i hope we get to see ladies night! big welcome!

01.11.2019 00:54


06.11.2019 09:26

Thank you. Good to see you guys here as well!

06.11.2019 10:43