Call to Action: Paypal Drops Pornhub, How Can We Help? Get Rewarded Between 250 and 1000 VITP for Your Ideas!

As you may have read on several crypto focused news websites Paypal will stop as a means of payment for Pornhub models.

This is of course an opportunity for the crypto community to show the benefits of censorship resistant payment options.

Now last time I checked we are part of that crypto community so I would like to start discussing here how we can help Pornhub models.

I know that Pornhub already offers Verge (XVG) as a means of payment but I think VIT for example offers more than just a means of exchange, VIT can be used to stake, vote and earn.

So, does anybody have any ideas how we can reach these Pornhub models and how we can educate them on the advantages of VIT beyond just a censorship resistant means of exchange?

Could we for example start an initiative that any registered Pornhub model who starts a VIT account AND starts using our WooCommerce plugin receives a significant amount of VIT as a reward? This could be a way to use the company owned VIT and put them to good use regarding real adoption.

Everyone who leaves a relevant comment below this article will receive my upvote ranging between 25% and 100% worth 250 VITP - 1000 VITP, depending on the quality of your response.

Your thoughts?

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I have been following since early stages VIT and more recently DPORN, and I think that both options could be used exactly for what you mention, I think this week VIT is being for example integrated to Red Light Center, The Adult game similar to second life, so the possibilities are there, i would recommend Touchtube to have a content creator pages similar to what Porn Hub has, and that can be both linked to major pages so content creators, directors, producers and models will not be that lost when dealing with blockchain technology and that actions are simple enough to bring people that are not that versed in crytpocurrency and tokens, and are more keen to start enjoying fully the benefits without being taken aback , More educational and workshops oriented to fully empower creators in the adult industry, to rip all the benefits being self sufficient thanks to blockchain....The only downside is that once the major content providers realize those same benefits will be eager and happy to create their own (similar to banks with xrp....) so the entire ecosystem of VIT should become robust before all this happens as it can have setbacks as the recent Tube8 withdraw from the VIT program.... So I think VIT should also create Live Cam pages so models can connect several sites and increase their earning potential. Other important part is to have benefits for viewers as getting certain tokens per viewed time and engagement as fan created posts so the entire ecosystem is self sustained and all benefit from it, then adding advertising in a similar way than BAT is doing (agreed advertising) to bring extra funds...Many possibilities if there is willingness to do so....

14.11.2019 12:43

This is great feedback, or as people from the United States of America would say: "this is awesome!!!!!!"

I believe this deserves more than just a 100% upvote so if you reply to my reply I will also give that reply a 100% upvote :) (I am sorry my 100% upvote is slowly becoming less than 1000 VITP but that is because @sstf11 has joined, uploaded 2,229,227.190 VIT that he raped from and has now started spamming and self-voting photos on There goes the neighbourhood..)

14.11.2019 16:17

Thanks a lot for the answer, do not worry my pleasure to share 'intel' :D, I was thinking also of another idea for the use of VIT or Porn, also a system of Royalties similar to that in the music industry where every viddeo streamed in any platform has a signature that creates a smart contract and divides the royalties between models/ director /producers ...this would increase the models payouts as now everything is funneled towards the platforms for advertising, so all those platforms that want to have content must have all the videos catalogued with model names and so on to avoid any rip offs and the money actually going into the hands of the creators. Creating a guild of some sorts like ASCAP (for music) for porn creators that collects other types of royalties and controls platforms to obey to new rules...Money needs to start to go to where it belongs just like in music...some more brainstorming maybe we should get in contact to Stuart from VIT and let all these conclusions from your posts to see where it goes!!! Regarding the spammers i noticed too the same than in touchtube, the guys they only vote for themselves and nothing else, here we could do as in Steemit has been done before a downvoting group that will target those with more than two or three posts a day...and a daily posts of Shame to see and point out to people to avoid voting for them as they clearly are not benefiting anyone but themselves....

15.11.2019 07:28

With enough downvotes the posts become invisble at least it will point out to those that are abusing and not even sharing their votes with noone else...

15.11.2019 07:33

I saw that @sstf11's posts from yesterday were downvoted by a vit cleanup crew (@vitlaw) so it looks like this is being taken care of. Too bad the clean up crew on (@vitcleaners) hasn't been preventing this sstf11/nazgul guy from raping the rewardspool for such a long time.

15.11.2019 23:24

I certainly do hope that you're not leaving us. There is nothing to be concerned about. That type of behavior is not tolerated here.

16.11.2019 08:01

Hi Megan, i think this message you replied to me but it was supposed to go to nakedyoga, you must have pressed my reply!!!

18.11.2019 08:44

No, that message was for you. Thought you may have gotten upset over some things recently. But glad to see that I was wrong & that you are still posting:)

19.11.2019 18:19

Too bad you couldn't upload videos to Porn Hub and then share them on DTube, like you can videos uploaded to YouTube, FaceBook, and Instagram.

But then again it appears DTube has become less porn friendly recently.

14.11.2019 12:50

You can upload videos to and then share them on DTube, right? (I will give you a reward once my voting power is back to 100% so please stay tuned).

14.11.2019 16:15

That's good to know, I know that uploading to either BitChute or PornHub and then trying to share on DTube fails. DTube works fine for YouTube, Instagram, and FaceBook, but I know DTube has issues with thumbnails when posting from Instagram to DTube.

15.11.2019 07:38

Upload your videos to Touch.Tube and earn more VIT. Its on the native VIT chain. Its a pure porn tube.

15.11.2019 02:20

I like how Touch.Tube looks, sometime ago I attempted to sign up, I managed to purchase and pay the VIT required, and I never got any form of conformation e-mail, and I never got around to trying again.
More recently tried signing up for and also never got any form of conformation e-mail, but at least that time I didn't spend anything.
I think both look great, but I've only got so much time to spend on this kind of stuff.

15.11.2019 07:35

That will be a great thing if we can get the Pornhub models over on VIT.
If we can make like an introduction video explaining the site and all the benefits it has and that they can make real money and if they stake there stake will grow as well(allot more potential than other sites). Then we as a community can spread it out on all the other sites and in return get more people that will join to make extra cash. Like me i will gladly help spreading the Explanation video around to get more exposure for VIT. One problem is how much are one model making a month? obviously they wont come over to VIT if its allot less then what they are currently earning. Just an idea why don't VIT make for instance a 5% token burn on post that will go to funding and that funding can get a model a stable income in the beginning of her career on VIT you can say a contract between VIT and the model for a set of $** and the income from upvotes and so on will be extra for the model. if one model join the changes is greatly increased for others will join aswell. if you give a model a large sum of tokens nothing will step him/her or even they from selling it of in the first week.... Just my thinking....But i will still carry on promoting VIT on other platforms because I believe in its potential...

14.11.2019 19:37

Thank you for your insights, I appreciate it. I have been putting some thinking into it myself and I think a possibility would be to make a platform where models can also sell their videos and maybe even live cam shows to their fans and that people pay them with VIT. BUT before anything like that can happen we need to make sure VIT is super liquid and that VIT can be turned into USD in a very simple way. So I guess we need to sort out the fiat-on-and-offramp first..

14.11.2019 23:24

I think a system similar to Royalties in music but much improved would be really beneficial and similar to what you mention...without having to have a set income at least that would be more feasible, your earn while people consume your content...but great idea too!!!

15.11.2019 07:48

I like the initiative. I think the big challenge, as you know, is a fiat on/off ramp to/from VIT for a payment option like this. You need it for users to convert fiat to VIT to pay for content produced by the pornhub models. Then you need it for the pornhub models to convert VIT to fiat as easily as possible. Most of them don't want to hold crypto. And the ones that do, don't want to hold it all in crypto, they got bills and rent to pay. They need cash. So we gotta figure out how to make that happen with the least amount of friction. I've got a couple ideas I'm developing but I don't know if they are feasible yet. Even if they are feasible, don't expect PornHub to come calling though...

15.11.2019 02:25

Something like with fiat added alongside VIT so with a click would be converted and then a withdraw button to the fiat account !!! Coinomi wallet has it as an integrated option and changes currency instantly, if it could be all integrated in the VIT wallet on those major sites it would be a game changer...

15.11.2019 08:00

I wasn't thinking of VIT trying to integrate with Pornhub but actuualy make into a Pornhub substitute/alternative in the coming years. So the new adage would be: Touch.Tube is the New Pornhub!

15.11.2019 15:03

In all honesty both sites VIT and DPORN should be at the forefront of all this.

I know dporn is working a with a few other adult tokens to create a consortium of sorts for the adult world and crypto currency.

15.11.2019 03:02

Interesting, do you know which other adult tokens? Curious to know what other projects are out there.

15.11.2019 12:46

Sexcoin, Titcoin, Spankchain ( waiting to hear back it seems) and will reach out to VIT shortly.

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