Another Round of Guess the Pose In Which You Can Win My 100% Upvote Worth Around 1200 VITP!

This is fun! I am happily surprised with the interaction I received on the previous posts so I am thinking of making this a daily contest in which not only the winner will win my 100% upvote but in which I will be rewarding ALL relevant comments underneath this post!

Again, to be eligable to win my 100% upvote you will also need to upvote this post with a 100% upvote of your own :)

Yesterday's pose was: Gomukhasana Garudasana - Cow Face Pose with Eagle Arms. Nobody guessed the name 100% correctly but both @mecenasmusic and @orthodoxnudism guessed the upper part of the pose.

And for those who have no clue the answer can be found on my profile where the corresponding video is somewhere between the 100+ video that I have uploaded there in the past year.

Good luck!


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13.11.2019 14:40

Great pose. Reminds me of trying to put on my socks on a cold morning:)

13.11.2019 19:40

Haha, well maybe you should make a photo of that, putting on your socks in the morning naked, and then share it with us here. I am sure people will love it :D

14.11.2019 11:00

THis is the Heron Pose (Krounchasana) ;D

13.11.2019 21:13

Nice one, you win my 100% upvote! Are you an expert or did you have a look through the 100+ videos I have on

14.11.2019 10:58

Cool pose!

13.11.2019 21:42

Thanks, but didn't you forget a little somethin'? ;)

14.11.2019 10:59

Oh the vote lol :P

16.11.2019 17:58

Wow... Amazing:)

14.11.2019 02:11

Almost as amazing as your kind upvote! Thanks, darling :*

14.11.2019 11:02

Hello @nakedyoga, nice to meet you on dporn!

I like the place where you do it. Such a clean and bright place. Good for meditation and making music. I would like to work in such a place)

14.11.2019 11:20

14.11.2019 16:29

Thank you but I fail to see from your post what category I am in unless "Pending payout - Ranked 8 with $ 4,07" is a category.

15.11.2019 09:42

I approve of this freedom posts.
Upvote 👍

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15.11.2019 07:07