A Slightly Harder to Guess Pose but When You Do Guess It a 10.000 VITP Prize Will be Waiting for You!

The 10.000 VITP prize is offered to you by fellow content creator @grdygoddessmegan now let's start guessing!

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[ YOGA POSE GIVEAWAY ] - The 1st Person to Correctly Guess this Pose will Receive 10,000 VITP from Me... Let me know who the Winner is Yogi:)

09.12.2019 00:58

Even though this pose has not been guessed the next one has been guessed by @steemcocas so she/he has won "tomorrow's" 10.000 VITP prize :)

10.12.2019 10:44

Should I Transfer now & Reply here?.. Or wait until that specific post?... Completely up to you:)

10.12.2019 19:41

You don't have to wait until that specific post because it already exists under "tomorrow's" post which is actually yesterday's pose now ;)

10.12.2019 23:18

Lol... Got it. Been a long day & missed what you were saying before... 10,000 VITP has been Transferred to @steemcocas .

11.12.2019 10:41

Wow, that must use a hell of a lot of upper body strength:)

09.12.2019 02:15

Yup, it requires strength in many different muscles to maintain that balance. I am just not flexible enough to stretch out my legs completely. There are yogi's out there who master this pose much better than I do.

09.12.2019 10:44

Yeah bitch, I'm awesome!

09.12.2019 10:42

Freedom yoga 😍

10.12.2019 06:27

I am going to give your comments, all five of them, just one upvote because they are a little spammy. Try to come up with a creative and relevant comments next time and you will receive more upvotes from me ;)

10.12.2019 23:20

So far nobody seems to have guessed the name of this pose. Come on, let's not let the 10.000 VITP prize go to waste.

10.12.2019 10:40

Uauuuu... Very good...
For Titibasana pose , you need musculs :)
And you aso choose good places. Congrats.

10.12.2019 23:49