Working with different Shapes of Crystals

For a very long time I have not made any post on crystals and this is after a long time that I am making one.

This one is about working with different shapes of Crystals.
Crystals are a part of nature, while they do not have a direct life but they grow and they are active. They do have a molecular matrix that resonates with the frequencies of living organisms and hence they work exhibiting their own properties by transmuting their energies when they come in contact with other frequencies. Crystals are majorly formed in Caves and under Sea at various depth levels under varying pressures and temperatures, hence these factors influence the type and shape of crystals that get formed.

When we work with Crystals there are many things to consider like it's shape, size, color. If the combination is not right it may just not give the desired results and hence many people do not see any value in using crystals. Crystals come in various shapes and sizes and they work also in different ways based on the shape they have formed.

Today we will see how different shapes of Crystals work in our energy field. I am going to give a brief about every shape for what it is best suited for. I am not going to talk about Cosmetic Crystals which are used for Jewelry purpose. I am going to cover the raw natural form of Crystals which can be used for different purpose in day to day life to channel the energy in different areas of life.

Crystals Balls: They spread their energy all around. Crystal Balls are good to be used in Meditation also. Also used for gazing to move through time

Crystal Clusters: Clusters are several small points on a base and these points radiate energy in several directions. Since it's a free flow of energy in all directions they are very good to be kept in different parts of the house just as a decor. Clusters are big and bulky hence they cannot be used for healing purpose.

Terminated PointsThere are single terminated points and double terminated points. Single pointer facilitates receiving energy, where as double terminated points can both transmit and receive energy at the same time because of the double termination. Pointer Crystals are very good to be used in Healing work but not to be kept on the body. They should be used kept down near the body specially the Meridian points. Good to be used in Crystal grids also since they transmute and transmit energy very well.

Generators: These are 4, 6, 8 or several points radiating equally in all directions. Again since they have points they have very good capabilities of healing energy, setting intentions and also charging other crystals. Can be placed at the home entrance.

Geode:They are beautiful, hollow cave like formation that amplifies and conserves energy. Very good to be used for manifestations. Whatever you want to manifest can be written on a piece of paper and kept in the Geode.

Pyramids: Their energy helps in warding off negative vibrations or removing blocks. They amplify and then tightly focus energy through the apex. A crystal pyramid can be used to draw off negative energy and blockage from the our physical body chakras.

Twin Crystals: These are two crystals of equal length sharing a base. They look gorgeous. Their energy draws people together. Very useful for relationship healing and also can be used for attracting a partner.

Abundance Crystals: This is a elongated big quartz crystal pointer with several smaller crystal pointers clustered around its base. Because of it's unique formation it's energy helps attract abundance in life. Sometime having them around also helps with a lot of mental healing.

Crystal Wands Crystal wands are long with a 4, six or a 8 point termination. Wands are majorly used for Healing since they are very good energy emitters. Wands emit maximum amount of energy hence they are also very good to be used for activation of Crystal grids.

Merkaba: A Merkaba carries great energy of Spiritual transformation. It aids in activating the human Light Body.

Tumbles: Crystal tumbles are all small crystal tumbles with no specific shape. They are useful in healing and to draw off negative energy and bring in positive vibrations. They are convenient to use. For crystal Grids tumbles are of good use.

The Crystal shapes in the picture are in the order as described in the post for your reference.

Then there are many other shapes like Egg and Square but not much used.

When the right shape of crystal is matched with the right color it works best for the purpose it is being used. Colors hold a lot of significance when working with Crystals. So it is just not only about the shape but also picking up the right color with the right crystal property.

In my following post we will see the Color Therapy of Crystals. I hope you found this post informative.

Thank you for visiting my blog.


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