Why Am I Still Here? I can't stop wondering.........

My Steem journey began 2.8 years ago. At a time when I was at my low points in life. Life was just very clueless. Wanted to do many things but nothing was happening, patience was giving up and frustration was building up. Was feeling like life was getting meaningless and nothing substantial was happening. In a new country with end number of rules and regulations,not knowing many people, not having friends around, I was feeling suffocated. I was not allowed to work because of the work regulations. All I would do is sit and study, meditate and some house chores.
And just at that time Steem was introduced to me. I started on it and for the first couple of post there was barely any visibility. I would feel it was a mad race, so many people making post, every single minute something getting published, where do I stand a chance here, plus I do not even write on Cryptos. I am very fond of writing and this came as a hope that I can put across my thoughts out there for someone to read and acknowledge but with no response I was feeling demotivated and had all the possible withdrawal symptoms. My hubby would say, have some patience, you will do well with networking and being consistent, and I would throw tantrums on that too.

But somewhere in my heart I was enjoying the writing part so with the hope that gradually my posts will be noticed I kept going. So did it happen that way, I started getting recognized, people started visiting my posts, leaving comments and I was feeling good.


On an other note, a psychic had once told me that I will be doing writing work after shifting to another country and earn a decent amount to take care of my future. I always had a vision of writing a book, but again too many ifs and buts in my mind. Gradually I understood that may be she meant this writing and I was earning decently from my posts.

As time passed I started achieving milestones on Steemit, was getting involved in different groups, was getting attention, recognition and feeling at top of the world. I witnessed the very highs and the very lows not only of the markets but for my own self too. At one time I had an earning of almost 350$ plus for a post and then there were rough times when I had earning of 3$ for a post but all said and done, it was happening fine and giving me the rigor to keep moving. Besides the earning, the opportunity of sharing my thoughts was equally important for me. Becoming part of different groups, now communities, and participating in their activities, last year attending the Steemfest, I always feel like this place is meant for me and if not here I am not sure where else will I fit in. Getting to connect with people across the world with similar frequency, all of it is a wonderful feeling.
Is there any other place for me to dedicate my time, at this point of time? My answer is NO.


Future I do not know. I have my life goals based on my Steemit income over the next 2 years, so at that time, when I shift to my next mission and a new phase of life I am not sure how much time will I still be able to dedicate, but for sure there will never be a quit. Till then I am going to be here every single day, no matter what.
Steeming has become my addiction. I have had many wonderful moments that has given me motivation to keep going on Steemit. When people appreciate my content I feel at the top of the world.
Then there were some dull moments also, but that is a part of life, you can not always keep having highs, and it is better to taste the lows also to keep the balance on.

For me the 3 most important factor of being on Steem is

  • To have a platform where I can share my thoughts,
  • Secondly to increase my engagement globally with like minded people, learn what they have to share.
  • Last to earn as much as I can to fulfill my life goals.

Whenever I feel lazy or demotivated towards Steem, I just think of my goals and then it gets me going again. Every single day I remind to myself that I have to achieve my goals and that's what keeps me going.


In this journey there have been loads of learning's, Everyone has a strategy to be successful, but the most important is to have one. As it is said Rome was not built in a day and so is success on Steemit not possible in a matter of few days or couple of months. But if you have the desire to pave out your way, directions will always follow and one will have their way out. I am enjoying my journey here on Steemit and I wish that it keeps going on the same way.

"Unlimited Abundance, Blissful Happiness and Unconditional Love"

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Comments 5

Good addiction :)

08.03.2020 09:37

Thank you :-)

10.03.2020 17:07

I am so happy you stuck with it for you really have a gift for writing and Steem is a wonderful place for sharing that gift!
Glad Steem is helping you achieve your life goals!
Keep on Steeming on!

09.03.2020 01:59

Thank you very much dear @porters, yes Steem does keep me going at all times, whether high or low, it has become one of my major support system.

10.03.2020 17:06